Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The UNthinkable!

We are thrilled, excited, & so SHOCKED!!! We are seeing PINK!

I thought up until last Saturday that we were having a BOY! Erin, text me saying they found out their baby is a boy! I went to some stores to look for blue! I thought I'll buy two if I find adorable things! Well, I added some blue to my cart and felt like I better put 1 back and LOOK at pink! Strange!!!

Yea for little girls!!! Can't wait to buy cute things! My mom flies in tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5th grades Baby predictions!

These crack me up! Ignore the grammar and spelling issues! We have been working persuasive essays.

Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By J
February 28, 2012

 I think Mrs. Smith is having a baby girl. I am going to tell you some of the reasons why I think it's a girl. Like why it should be a girl, why I think it's a girl, and why Mrs. Smith would enjoy having a girl.

 I think it should be a girl. A girl would be perfect for Mrs. Smith. Girls are calm Mrs. Smith needs someone calm. Boys are loud and annoying not to be rude. We girls are smart it's not like boys aren't smart I just think that if there were ten boys together I think one would be smart. I know Mrs. Smith son or daughter will be super smart since she is a teacher. I know all girls love shopping. I bet Mrs. Smith would sure like someone to go shopping with. I know my mom and I love shopping together. They could talk about girl staff. Mrs. Smith could do her hair and dress her up it's like your own little doll.

 I think it's a girl because of the belly. Girls don't move a lot boys can start moving at 4 months at least girls will start moving at around 6 to 8 months. I know for sure there not twins because the belly would be much bigger. I think it looks like a girl that's my opinion

 I know Mrs. Smith will enjoy a girl. I know a boy can be less money but who cares if it's a boy or a girl it's a blessing from god. whatever it is I know Mrs. and Mr. Smith will give him or her lots of love. I can't wait until Mrs. Smith tells us what it is I'm so excited.

 I hope Mrs. Smith has a wonderful life with her knew baby whatever it's going to be. I hope he or she gets lots of love and happiness. I hope the baby comes out healthy. I know he or she will grow up to be beautiful or handsome and smart.

Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By M
February 28, 2012
Mrs. Smith is having a baby! Do you think it should be a boy or girl? (^_^)

Our teacher is gonna have a baby whats it gonna be a girl or a boy lets find out about it on this week or month i hope you choose a girl.
My first reason why Mrs.Smith should have a BABY GIRL is because she could go shopping with her and have fun with her. if Mrs.Smith had a baby girl because  she'll be just like Mrs.Smith and all the time she will bring her to the classroom all the girl there would be all over her including me because she's gonna be as nice and comfident as Mrs.Smith and have nice friends just like Mrs.Smith. I hope that Mrs.Smith has a baby girl because shes gonna be cute as all of us in our class everyone will like her as a friend specially me cause she's gonna be nice to everyone and she'll be nice to her mother. all of the girls will allways play with the baby and have fun with her.

The color of her hair i want it to be brown cause it will look cute on a baby it will look really really pretty on Mrs.Smith's BABY GIRL if she has a girl. i hope Mrs.Smith has a baby girl cause she's gonna give us joy to all of our class. i wonder what she's gonna name her or him i want her to named her Renesmee, Isabella, Alice or Rosely i got those names from Twilight Breaking Dawn and i think those names are really cool because i like them when i herd them on the movie and i really like them i wish my name was one of those names that i thought of my favorite name was Rosely. If she has a boy i want Mrs.Smith to call it Jacob,Edward,Seth
,Ement or Aj i think those names are really cool for a baby boy but whatever its gona be I'll be good for a boy or girl i hope it is whatever she want's it to be i all of us will love it as much as her onw mama

Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By A
February 28, 2012

  I think Mrs.Smith will have a baby boy. I don't think Mrs.Smith cares if it's a boy or girl. Mrs.Smith has always wanted a baby. That has always been her dream!

  I think she's going to have a baby boy! Because when she comes to school her belly is bigger.Her belly is really round. Also really wide. That is why I think Mrs.Smith is going to have a boy!

  Having a baby cost a lot of money. You need to buy it's clothes .You need to buy it food. You need to buy it a crib. Also you need to buy it toy's!

  when you dress it there's lot's of choices you can chose from. When you go to church you can put him in a suit. When you go swimming you can put him in shorts. When you go to school he can were probably what ever. That's what you can dress the baby in.

  And that is why I think Mrs.Smith is going to have a boy! I think Mrs.Smith won't care if she has a boy or girl. I think Mrs.Smith will be a great mom!

Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By A
February 28, 2012

I think Mrs.Smith should have a boy. Sure it might cost more. But, it's easier to get colors and clothing for them. You just shouldn't get them anything that makes them look like a girl. Just simple, basic colors should do.
   Boy's may sometimes cost more then girls. But at least it's not too bad. They usually like to play sports, which may cost some money. If not sports, video games. At least it's not to bad for the clothing. You could just get them simple shirts and such. And at least you don't have to by them anything that costs too much until their older.
  When painting their room, or buying them blankets, pillows, and other things, it's easy too choose the colors. You could use their favourite colours if you want. Or you could use a nice brown. Or you could use two different colors that go well together, as long as they like the color. Like dark brown and a light blue. Or you could use a light blue and a dark blue. Or maybe a vivid tangerine.
  The clothing is easy too. You could get them practically anything that doesn't make them look like a girl. Like a multicolored sweater. Or a shirt with a lizard on it. Or some blue sweat pants. Or, just something simple. Either way, it's easy to get them clothes.
    And that's why I think Mrs.Smith should have a boy. Even though they may cost a bit more, it's easy to buy them clothes and furniture and other things. That is why I think Mrs.Smith should have a boy. If it's a girl, it won't really matter, it will still be a smart, wonderful child.

Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By B
February 28, 2012

I think it should be a girl cause. they are cute. funny and adorable

you can take her shopping. To buy clothes for her like. Dresses and you can buy her toys. you can buy her shoes like high
 heels, roller skates, and dc's. And when she is old enough to have fake nails.

Belly will hurt alot. when you are pregnant your belly will get big from the baby. You will get alot of cramps cause the baby will moves a round. Your belly will hurt from the baby when the baby grows. When the baby moves it sometimes goes. in your hip. And when goes in your hip your be in pain and it will hurt.

When you go some where you can put make up on her and it will look cute. And when you go to church you can put her in a dress to dress her up. And when you go to church you can buy her high heels to go with the dress. And if her hair gets to long you can cut it to make it look cute and better

 So that is why I want a girl. And Mrs.Smith might want a girl cause girls. get potty trained faster then boys.
Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By N
February 28, 2012

 I think Mrs. Smith will have a baby boy not a girl cause the shape of her stomach. Boys are awesome. Boys are better cause I'm a boy not a girl. So enjoy my ideas that Mrs. Smith will have a boy.
 The clothes on a boy are way better then on a girl. The clothes are way cheaper. The clothes are way funnier then girls clothes. Girls clothes are very very serious. Boys are funny. Blue is better then pink. Pink is like not noticeable. Boys are noticeable. boys wear less clothes. Boys are awesome. boys are way way way cuter. Boys are better cause I'm a boy.
 Boys are way better then girls. They are taller. They are faster. They are stronger. They are cuter. They are caring. You don't have to have to care about his dates. Boys are way stronger then girls. Boys are cooler then girls. Boys are way more awesome then girls. Boys are awesome. I really want a boy that is named Jacob or Zack. Why I pick those names cause I wanted those names for me really bad but things happen for a very very good reason!!! boys are better cause I'm a boy.
 The shape of a boy looks better then a girl. Ovals are better then circles. It looks better on you. The shape that's holding is stronger. Boys are better cause I'm a boy not a wierd girl
 I hope Mrs. Smith has a baby boy. Boys are awesome. Boys are better then girls cause I'm a boy. So I guess this is the end. P.S. Have a boy please.
Boy or girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By M
February 28, 2012

I want to see the baby boy or baby girl when Mrs.Smith show's us a picture of the baby boy or baby girl I want to see him play multiple sports like soccer, football, basketball, I want to see him or a girl racing with Mrs. Smith. I want to see him do some break-dancing like Juan or like a famous break-dancer.

  I want to see him play soccer, play football, play basketball, and see him play war of legends when he is 15 or when Mrs. Smith let's him. I want to see him at school and I would not hold him or her cause I don't like holding a baby cause I don't like baby's and my cousin Brittany had a baby and my mom held him and his name is Brayden. I don't like holding a baby cause I'm not you's to holding a baby cause I'm not a hugger I'm a player on the internet cause I'm trying to a position cause the position I'm looking for is a senior prefect cause that position I can build a [2] city's so I can have more soldier's for battle so I can get more reputation so I can get to be an minister prefect so I can transport food, gold, wood, copper to my alliance member's.

I want to see him when he take's his first step's with Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith. I want to see him when he come's to school and with Mr. Smith and with are fabulous teacher Mrs. Smith. I want to tell my family members and friend's that don't come to this school and tell Mr. Smith if he's happy to get a baby boy or baby girl I want it to be a baby boy cause I want to see him in real life or in a picture with Mr. Smith and with Mrs. Smith I wish It was a boy. I want to see him do fun stuff with Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith. I want It to be a boy

I want to meet Mr. Smith when Mrs.Smith has the boy or girl. I want it to be a fun guy and get good grade's in elementary middle school, high school and most of all collage and get a collage diploma and get a nice job and get some money for Mrs. Smith and Mr. Smith. He would get a girl and get a really nice car's and a great house. I want him to be in football or basketball cause I'm In the Internet like war of legends, football game's, basketball game's and most of all I want him to be In a sport that he like's so much. I don't know what Mrs. Smith going to name him but I thought of a couple of name's like Mac, Nate, Jonathan, or Brayden Smith.

That's what I want him to be when he grow's up and be's an adult and those are the name's I thought of I want him to be the president of The United States Of America. And I want him to be the all star of football. I want him to be a hero for us and the wide world. THE END

Boy Vs. Girl
By D
February 28, 2012
 Mrs.Smith is going to figure out if she's having a boy or girl on the 29 of February.I guess a boy but I want her to have a girl.I will tell you why I think she's having a boy and good reasons to have a girl.            I think if she has a boy then there would be many ways to describe him.He could be funny like Mrs.Smith,handsome,into video games (like most boys),smart,into action stuff,and other stuff you would GUESS he would be like.If she had a girl then her daughter would be easier for Mrs.Smith to understand because girl to girl and boy to boy.Boys like to do the same thing as boys,girls like to do the same things as girls so it would be easier.It would also be good to have a boy.Mrs.Smith wants a boy though.I wouldn't be able to make up my mind of having a boy or girl so I want to have two pairs of twins one pair of girls and one pair of boys.I hope that whatever gender she has she will love him or her with all of her heart (I know she will).             I think she's going to have a boy also because,I have an instinct she will.When I looked at her belly I just for some reason knew she was going to have a boy.And also it's the way her personality is and the way she acts.That's not a bad thing because im not saying that you act like a boy.But the bad thing is that we can't see the baby.So if I never see you again when the school year ends then I wish you and your family a happy life!                         My last reason I think you are going to have a boy is that you want one.My mom and Jeremy wanted a girl and they got so now I have a new sister.I think you'll have a boy is because you want one.It's a challenge because Mr.Smith wants a girl.I can't wait to know the gender and you should tell us the name when you picked the right one.My mom had names,but when she saw the baby all the names went away because they didn't suit her.So they made up the name Anya.I know you will pick the perfect name.            I'm happy for you.You guys will make the perfect family.I can't wait until you have your baby.I wish you all happiness.

Baby Boy Vs. Baby Girl
By D
February 28, 2012

  Mrs.Smith is having a baby. Is it a boy or a girl. I think it's going to be a boy. Because she want's a boy so badly. But Mr.Smith want's a girl. I also think it should be a boy cause. the can hang out, do a lot of hobbies together.And there are a lot of name's for boy's.That's why I think it will or should be a baby boy.

The first thing is they can hang out together. When they get board they can go out. For ice cream or for lunch. And what if Mr.Smith is at work and it's rainy outside.On a summer day the can sit down on the.Couch and watch t.v or a movie.And drink hot cocco.Or play a baord game or hide and seek in the dark.Or just talk and.When Mr.Smith come's back they will whatch movies together.

The second thing is that they like to do a lot of hobbies. So they like to go outside a lot when your ehausted.From work and you don't want to be botherd by anyone.And you tell him to go outside.He does. You gan sign him up for football, soccore, or baseball. It would be fun to have a boy who liked to do.Sport's an alot of other active thing's.

The last thing is there are alot of boy name's. Than girl name's ter's Chris that's a good one.And another thing is what if you have a girl and you.Don't know a good name for her. And if you have a boy you think of it right away.But if your going to have a baby a good thing is you should think of a name before. You have one and agree on the perfect name for your child.

That's why I think it should or will be a baby boy. Cause they like to hang out, they like to do alot of hobbies, And th really active. They like to do alot of fun stuff. With everyone but girls. But they are protective for there sisters. though. That's what I think Mrs and Mr. smith's baby is going to be.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Counting Down the Days!!!

What do you think Baby SMITH will be?!  

Wednesday afternoon, we will know!!!  

I probably won't post the gender until Thursday or Friday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Dance 3 Starring the One and ONLY!

Well...Shake what your momma gave you!

 Free humor:
Daniel set up our Wii so he could play Just Dance 3 on Friday.  Our TV is upstairs with a slanted roof, I didn't think he would be able to play.  Yesterday, he danced with his upper body as he knelt on the carpet.  Today, I caught him shakin' it!!!  Everytime, I move the camera aka laugh it is due to watching him hit the ceiling!  I tried to show the distance between the guest bed and lovesack haha... not much! (Mom that is D's massive 3ft sock monkey!)

We are headed to dinner at Lyndsey & Skyler's House!  We packed up the Wii and are hoping for a DANCE OFF!

Here is a video of Daniel and Skyler!  We all had a blast dancing at the Nelson's House! Thanks, Lyndsey!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

President's Day Weekend!

Friday - Work and trip to IKEA!!! We went through the warehouse to get the dresser... the display model was a weird color and changed our mind! Daniel & I went to several other furniture stores... I was stressing and frustrated since I had been searching for a few weeks.

Saturday - I woke up started cleaning, did laundry... I WASHED DANIEL'S WALLET! argh, I felt awful!  When he woke up I told him and apologized.  I expected him to say oh it has happened before. He didn't say anything like that!!  I then asked if he had never washed it, he looked at me like I was nuts! Growing up with boys, I remember this happening often.  Oops, Daniels poor wallet will never be the same.

We went to search local shops for a dresser... no luck. We found ourselves here:

 Not the same when you can't stop by to say hi to the camping manager!

I was easily entertained with items like this.... while Daniel drooled over Bows! Archery has taken over his thoughts.

We decided to go back to IKEA to look at the white dresser on the floor model since we weren't having luck anywhere else.  WE LOVED it just I like I thought I did before.  After eating, chicken tenders and meatballs we got the LAST white dresser!  Tears would have rolled if I had to wait another day or two!

Good thing this guy has muscles! I was no help! 
 Very studious!
 The dresser took over our front room-
 ... wanna fly on over to help us move it? (I fell asleep on the couch and would wake up to hammer pounding as the drawers were being built.)  I am so proud of Daniel for putting this together!
 WAY TO GO, DANIEL THE BUILDER aka put together'r!
Sunday - funday!  AHHH, woke up to SNOW!!! It turned out better than expected! Our landlord plowed, brought a HUGE smile to my face!  Daniel and I drove to American Fork to eat dinner with my step sister, Erin and her adorable family! I have been craving ROAST and POTATOES!!! Another huge SMILE came to my face when I found out thats what we were having!!!  Food was delicious and entertainment was great! Thanks, Erin!  To top it off, I have a new favorite game "Spot it!".

Oh Monday - President's Day!!! AKA awesome day because I don't have to do anything!  Hopefully, I will have energy to start cleaning the guest bedroom since my madre is flying in on the 1st! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!

A highlight from my week at work:  A student asked if I had felt the baby kick... I replied, "not yet".  Then another student did this...  this video was repeated a couple times until the student felt good about it. haha, I love these kids, they are hilarious.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ol' Man!

Maybe this is where I get half my humor:
67 year old knows how to be stylish! Too bad this came because of his clueless daughter!
*Cleaned out the car while he was here and found these. Last summer, I thought I was so smart... I had no make up on so I busted on these HUGE glasses. Well, I went inside Fry's, put the glasses on top of my head (normal, right?) people looked at me odd...I purchase eggs or something simple. Walked outside put my glasses on and realize I ONLY HAD 1 lens. Must have lost it between the car and the store. Pops, humored me by modeling my clueless memory!

Now, that he is 68! Yup, SIXTY EIGHT! and cooler than ever!!!  I don't think he will be caught in these glasses again... maybe just in something else.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday, dear Daddio!!!  Happy Birthday to you!!!  And many more on channel 4... ew lala, blah blah blah... Happy Birthday, POPS!

 I put him up to this costume too! haha, Ernie!
 Classic SRP Concert, silliness!

Check out this good looking father!

 We must be related:

We LOVE having you visit! Come see the 3 of us soon!

Antsy to get this room transformed!

 My mom is coming March 1st!!! Yippee! Happy Daughter!

I need her to help me with the baby room!!!

As of right now.... Here is how it should look (when its clean, haha)
The mauve carpet is the BEST! ;)
 The door is suppose to be a headboard... hasn't happened yet.

The Crib is going to be in the corner on the opposite wall of the bed. It is a pretty big room.  We are keeping it a guest room and nursery, so we can host our favorite people!  (All my craft junk is there currently, time to pack it up and move it somewhere else.)

The crib is most likely going to be one of these:
Pottery Barn, Sleigh Crib
PB, Kendall Low Profile

My mom got me this bedding awhile back, before I was even thinking about having a babe!  I wasn't sure if I liked it but it is growing on me!  When I know the gender in (13 days!!!) then I can add more color.

I went to BuyBuy Baby and was so excited to see cradle bedding!  It is the perfect size!!! I got a mattress for my vintage cradle!  They have bumpers and sheet sets too! I want to sew a cute bumper to match our master bedding. (Gray & White)

While stalking Pinterest, I found a dresser I think I want... Hoping IKEA has a president's day sale!
I'm usually not a fan on IKEA furniture but I love this dresser!  (Grayson & Hudson have it too!) On Pinterest they have it with different knobs!  If its a girl, I could put crystal knobs!
 Choice 2: This one is a lot cheaper.  Daniel thinks he could make it look better by adding knobs.  Hobby Lobby has really cool knobs. 
Oh the choices!!!  The spoiling of this child has begun!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh ya know: Valentine's Day!

5th grade AND valentine's- HYSTERICAL!

 My school handed out boxes of valentine's to anyone who needed them.  I made my kids earn them, they had to be good all day long!  When the time came for them to choose... it started with one student at a time but they were TAKING FOREVER!  So I let them all go at once, they were fighting over the boxes! They put so much thought into which ones the boys or girls would really want.  eww, 5th grade crushes!
18 weeks!  This almost brought me to tears!  out of all days to feel huge... then my mom reassured me that I have many pounds to go! ah, help! The basketball stage has begun!  (Even some love handles :( )  

FAT and Sassy Chaperone:
Pinterest gave me this idea:
Daniel even helped!
The Loot: (my mom sent them the skittles! Sweet little lady!)
 One of my sweet coworkers gave me this chocolate bar and roses:  I needed it, getting round in the belly is not my favorite!! "Chocolate makes my clothes shrink"
My awesome Mommy sent this sock monkey and a bunch of other treats:
Daniel brought home roses and says my present is coming in the mail... haha.  He's lucky I believe him.  He got a watch and JUST DANCE 3 - it is his new obsession, brings serious laughter!!!

Valentine's Dinner @ Rodizio Grill!  Daniel was in heaven!!  This prego girl had a little harder time eating.  Daniel stuffed himself on meats! His favorite was some kind of sausage, I made him leave when he kept telling me he was going to puke.  I knew if he did, I would follow.

A super cute lady in my ward made these for mutual last week:

Yippee! Yahoo! Yea!!!

One of my students was a winner at the district science fair last night!!! I am so proud of him!  I can't take credit he and his mom worked really hard on it!  I really want to make a HOVERCRAFT!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend!

Friday - Daniel went SNOWBOARDING!!!  He was so excited! 

While he was gone, Courtney and I went to town. Walmart. Lone Star (Mexican Food). Smart Cookie. Tai Pan.  It was so much fun!

Daniel came home from snowboarding and I realized he had a million layers on!  I had to take a picture.  Smiths - look at the picture with his CHRISTMAS PJ's!  I busted out in laughter.

Saturday - I woke up early and got my hair did!  It was soooo incredibility THICK!  She had a thin it out a TON!  It feels so much lighter.  Daniel begged and begged me to go with him to this Archery store.  I made him wash the car and take me to Smart Cookie first! : D

Daniel has a NEW LOVE - ARCHERY!!! Too bad it costs so much money.  Anyone have a bow they would like to donate. haha, I'm afraid its a matter of time before he sneaks one home!

We thought about going to a 4D ultrasound - mostly to see the gender.  I'm trying to be strong & wait... plus I want to use the $60 to buy things!!! 
Sunday -Church as usual... we really like our ward!  Everyone is so friendly!!!
After church, we raced to Lehi to hang out with Lexi & Elvis.  We watched the Super Bowl and ate yummy food with them and some of their friends!  * Boys watched & girls talked! It was a perfect Super Bowl Sunday! 

Happy Monday!!! I got observed today - I think it went pretty well!  1 more to go and then NO MORE for the school year! YIPPEEE!!

Can't wait for the Bachelor tonight!!! I am so addicted!  Daniel and I scarf down food and race upstairs every Monday night!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Utah Moments!

Somethings just stand out as "Utah Moments"!

I am sure I will forget some...

Two weeks ago, I was at a conference with my school and a guy from the district joined us.  He was telling us how excited he was to be with us.  He continued to say that he was grateful for a school shirt someone had given him.  He talked about how he loved cougars - BYU and my school.  He was so giddy!!! Then he said, I just want to BARE MY TESTIMONY!!!  (I didn't know if I should laugh or feel embarrassed for him!)

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor. OH HOW I JUST LOVE THE OFFICE STAFF!  Only seeing them a couple times, it is silly but I feel like they are my relief society. haha they are all so friendly and always talking about churchy things...  to me this is VERY Utah!

On Wednesday, I went with the laurels, priests, and awesome leaders in my ward to WELFARE SQUARE!  Pretty monumental!  I drive by all the time and think of my "welfare square"... according to Daniel's dad and uncle - that would be Power and Baseline (Savers, Goodwill, 99 cent only, etc.) Anyways, we were assigned to the Deseret Bakery.  I wasn't sure what that would entail. We go in to find out we are slicing bread.  Each of us had to put on an apron, gloves, and a HAIR NET!!!  We watched a short video... totally filmed in a relief society setting then it jumps to the factory setting.  After being assigned a task, I began loading loaves of bread into a machine that sliced the bread... thank heavens... I thought i was going to be slicing hundreds of loaves by HAND.  The bread was sliced, bagged, tied, and placed on a moving track.  It was actually really fun and quickly became a competition.  The ONLY thing missing was pictures!

On Thursday,  after my school science fair, I went and watched Daniel play "Church Ball".  The week prior, I almost burst into laughter as the "Utah Church Sport Conduct" was read. After the game, I went to a meeting for Oakcrest... a churchy camp for girls in 7th and 8th grade.  A lady said, please excuse me I have a blue light I need to turn on.  NOT EVEN KIDDING! This lady busts out this handheld lamp!  She shines the light in her face.  Someone asked why she had it... She became a walking advisement!!!  She talked about how Utah is so depressing in the winter and she shines it for 30 minutes a day and it is better than an anti depression medicine around.  Only $300!!!!  It was not a big deal having the light on until they turned all the real lights off to watch a short video clip - SHE IS WAS SO BLUE AND SPOT LIGHTED!!! Totally distracted everyone.  haha, Ever heard of this?

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow  - I really want a "Utah Bob" but I can't let go of my long locks just yet!

Happy Friday! 

Science Fair!

I've blogged a lot lately... work avoidance and it makes me feel social!  Missing my peps!

Science Fair! Brace yourself: I was not sure how we were going to pull of 24 science projects in 3 weeks but WE DID!!! I even helped several other 5th graders! I feel like a pro... haha. They are not your youtube/web worthy type BUT considering these kids and their lives this is MIRACULOUS!!!
 I have three school fair winners who are going on the district fair!

 I loved this!  He made HOVER CRAFTS! (cd's, water bottle lids, and balloons)
 This was super cute!!! She did more of a research project than an experiment but she did great!
 This was a fun poster! 
 Another WINNER!! She did plants in various locations with different types of water.
 My other winner!  Egg Packaging Test I thought this would be fun! He wrapped eggs in different packaging and dropped them from his bedroom window. 

Now, we are moving on to Junior Achievement, BIZ TOWN!  They are so stinkin' excited! Each students get a job for the day in a little city.  We are looking for 30 volunteers as a 5th grade! So far I have 0 from my class. Wishing all my family was near! We don't go until March 21st... road trip anyone?!