Monday, April 30, 2012

5.5 Weeks!

Thrown into the mix August 2012 - Sub to Teacher in 48 hours!
I feel like I have been counting down since September!  I'm looking forward to summer but sad that I only have 5.5 weeks to teach these GiAnT 5th graders!

As I got ready this morning, I thought...
What can I teach them in them in the few weeks, I have left that will stick and help them become better people?  What are they going to remember about this year? How can I help/prepare them for summer?

{reading & working with our kindergarten buddies!}

What are your favorite 5th grade memories?

I absolutely HATED 5th grade! My teacher was so mean!  All I remember was 1... my 5th grade boyfriend, 2... some activity where we were judged based on the color of our eyes and 3... Student council!!

Exciting memories, huh!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

up 7 pounds! yikes!

The Dr. Appt went well. Daniel got off work in time to go with me.  It was the first time he had heard the heartbeat. :D  Tender moment for the dad to be!

Sugar test made me very anxious! (thanks to all the awful stories!)  I was so scared I was going to puke! My mom thought I would since I have such a sensitive stomach... haha! So encouraging! Overall, I did fine! Now, I get to wait for the results. {Wasn't happy with this candid, but now it can serve its purpose on here!}

In the last 4 weeks, I have gained 7 stinking pounds! Easter candy, soda, traveling to AZ, several caramel apples, cinnamon rolls every Sunday... that all adds up! {praying that there isn't another 7 pounds by my next appt.}

My motto this past week - "Bad Case of the Stripes!" (inspiration from the children's author David Shannon) Really - I love stripes!

I wore stripes almost every day this week!  My wardrobe has pretty much become Solids and Stripes!
This picture was taken last Sunday! {27 Weeks}
Spotlight:  Check out this good looking guy!
 I love this outfit... half dressed for the beach and half for yard work!

Last summer, we bought the white rash guard for yard work and outdoor purposes... yesterday, D tested it out! After hours of yard work, NO SUNBURN!! Yahoo, happy guy!

 I did it! I did it! I made something off pinterest!!!

Ric Rac Flowers turned out well!!

 They are pretty small, I am going to find a headband for baby and glue 'em on!

Next project, some kind of wreath! I bought a pool noodle and had Daniel Duct tape it. Now, I need cheap ribbon or fabric! Maybe I'll use some burlap.

Didn't follow these exactly but you can get the picture - Pool Noodle for a thick wreath

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day off From Work!

So I took today off and it is chilly outside! I am not motivated to do anything but stalk the internet!  I am in love with these ideas!!!

Room-Mom 101 Blog  Scroll down to see great ideas!  I love the door decorating ideas!

This is my fav! 

Anyways, I am dressed and just need to slap on some makeup!  Dr. Appt this afternoon... the sugar test! (I love sugar... eek.) So far trying to avoid sugar, I have had fruit loops, diet dr. pepper, and strawberries!  I promise to eat a healthy, protein related lunch!

Hoping to muster energy to hit up Tai Pan, I haven't been in months!

Baby's blessing dresses came in the mail yesterday! I need to go to Macy's and return 1 of them!
The plan is to keep the one of the left. I hope its not too big... it has a square neck.... might have to doctor it up when the time comes.  I really need a newborn baby to be my model.  Hmmm...

Hope everyone has had a fun week and has great things planned for the weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My mess!

My friend Becca, The Crafted Sparrow, Flower Tutorials, made a great tutorial on making some fun flowers!

This week, I went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart to hunt for felt, ribbon, thread, ric rac, etc!  I am looking forward to making some flowers!

Here is another great site with cool flower tutorials!!! Several more flower tutorials!

Just found this!  I'm going to try it soon! Baby-headband-tutorial Someone measure their babies head for me!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blessing Dress!

Jumping the gun!
Over the past few months, I have looked at this dress every time I've gone to BuyBuyBaby!
Anyways! I didn't get this one... but...
I just ordered blessing dress(es)!!! I know she only needs 1!
I told ya she is spoiled! Daniel and I went to JcPenny's and Macy's yesterday, not much luck. Macy's doesn't carry any blessing dresses in the store.

I thought about making one & thought about Etsy... until I realized how $$$$ they are!
But my mom searched and found some perfect ones!

THEY ARE TOTALLY ADORABLE dresses that happened to be on sale!
I ordered 2 so I can see which one I like best.

Can't save the picture - here are the links
1st -
2nd - Once I decide which one then the headband process will begin!!!

 I have my eye on this...
It will be my next BIG purchase!  Spending money is so much fun! haha not really but I am so thrilled and excited to have a BABY!

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Life... Friday 4/10/12

It's my life... it's now or never! Check it! Today was one of the better days of 5th grade! The DARE officer came and taught the kids about smoking. I learned a few new facts! 7 out 100 8th graders smoke! In the state of Utah, you have to be 19 to buy cigarettes. And of course, I can't remember what else I learned a couple hours ago! My class did excellent while the officer was here so we took a little break. This week our school participated in jump rope for heart. I have several jump ropes due to my awesome gpa! Almost 1 per kid! Anyway, the picture below explains my life... prego lady sitting in a chair monitoring 5th graders. The girls came to me and asked me to help. I stood up and they said no you can sit! haha.
Just before the kids were leaving, I realized one of my students looked prego... I went and poked at her stomach to find her sweatshirt in her shirt! She said she wanted to be like me! (This students is a doll but she tells me when I'm cranky! So I told her ok, then you can be cranky.) I look as big as a BUS next to her!

Happy Friday!

I love!!! Snail Mail!

I was so excited to get this, this week!
Snail mail is always so AWESOME!

Thank you, Corbyn! I miss you too!!!

Check out this ADORABLE NINJA Party! Corbyn's Birthday! The Crafted Sparrow

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daniel's most used word: Nesting!

Daniel came home last night and gave me a hard time as I lay in the nursery.  I was trying to figure out how in the world to rearrange it so that everything fits!!!!  He kept saying it looks fine. bah hahahaha!!!  Great answer!

The crib is up and ready to rock!  I am happy with my theme just frustrated with the house we live in. The crib blends into the wall...

I fell in LOVE with this nursery from Project Nursery! I will TOTALLY COPY THIS someday!!

I would totally paint our walls gray but it would be $$$ and too time consuming. Our walls ancient and plaster!

Today's battle moving bookshelves in the nursery... these are the things I think about at work.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Photos!

Easter a week early! Kyle and Valerie hosted this lovely event! Madre, Valerie, and Kyle cooked their hearts away. Nick and I made ice cream... Landon sat and watched it turn. (I am running out of patience, can't figure out how to get all the photos in the right spot.)


Yesterday, the real Easter, was fabulous! The Easter Bunny stopped by our house for 1 person! Lucky Daniel! haha then the other Easter Bunny cooked ME dinner!!! Yum yum! Having Daniel cook is always a great treat! He even went grocery shopping while I drove home on Saturday. :)

Pre-Arizona (City Creek Mall) - Daniel and Paul decided to be manikins while Jaime & I checked out maternity clothes!

Arizona TRIP: 
I missed Daniel so stinkin' much! I was gone for a full week and loved seeing people in AZ but was strangely excited to return to UT. 
There were so many highlights to this trip! I didn't take very many pictures!
I went to Corbyn's 8th Birthday Party! So much fun to see old students and friends!
I went shopping with my mom, Val, Lilly, and Landon!
Easter Dinner with the family! Love them so much!
I got to watch the Ruffley Girls! (Brought back so many fun memories.) 
I spent time working on my house. (Such a great feeling! I enjoy being there!)
My dad and I did yardwork together! (wish we could do that more often, although my belly got in the way)
My mom and I cleaned and organized some things at her house! (memories flooded my mind!)
I spent an afternoon with "QUI" Kristina and her kids, Troy and baby Mya! (It was wonderful to old a lil 4 week old babe!! I seriously need that to remember infants are tiny!)
Met Katie and Madi at San Tan! (Madi is so big and beautiful!)
I went to Finley Farms to see Momma J and friends! (the students I taught my first year are now in 5th grade! So big and still cute!)
I went to lunch with my dad!(going to lunch is a rare treat! As a teacher, that hardly ever happens! I felt like an adult with freedom!)
I got EARLY CHILDHOOD added to my Arizona Teaching Certificate!! (Requirements change this summer! So glad I did it! )
Stopped by and saw Sherry and her new beautiful house!
Went to lunch at Native New Yorker with my mom! (I could eat that right now.)
I went to AJ's with Katy and Heidi for a much need girly chit chat! (Love them!)
Ate and ate and ate! 
Spent time with Marci, Patrick, Reese, Grayson & Hudson! (Miss them so much!)THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL CRIB!
Went to D'Anna's 30th Birthday Party!
Mom helping me change the door handle! :D
Nick smashing down the trash!  He is kind of tall.
Oops! Hauling stuff to Goodwill!
D'Anna and I plus 2 baby bumps!!!

Valerie, D'Anna & babe, Me & babe, and Heidi!  
I'm sure I am missing some people! sorry! 

I wish I could have done more and seen more people but it was a great trip and I loved every minute!

Nursery Update:
We set up the crib and some bookshelves.  I tried to put away all the things Grandma bought the babe! Her room is overflowing! I need to reorganzie and rearrange so everything can fit.
I brought back a swivel, gliding, rocking chair. It needs to be recovered but that might take sometime. :D