Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ogden Temple with The Horton's!

Krista, Finnley and Rowan invited us to The Ogden Temple House!  It was a perfect fun filled day!  We miss them living one street over from us!  The Ogden Temple is stunning very gorgeous inside and outside! I loved getting to see it inside!  Camry and the boys squeaked their way through with cute white shoe booties.  
 We love to see the Temple! Rowan almost 2 years old said "I wanna get baptized"! Cutest kids ever!
 Krista took this picture with her amazing talent--- I LOVE IT!
 Krista gave each kid a penny to make a wish!
(Somehow when we left the temple, I managed to get stung by a bee! Crazy - that has never happened to me before!)
We took the kids on a play date to McDonald's for Happy Meals.  They were very pleased.  Then Krista taught me all about Willard's Local Fruit!  We drove up and down the highway searching for the best peaches!  It was a fun mission to stop at each both, taste test and find out the price.  We settled with divine peaches and tomatoes! Seriously, they are HEAVEN SENT... the peaches and our friends! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sweepin in the Rain...

While other kids are going to bed, Camry is just Sweepin in the Rain--- crack showing and all!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Camping, Ya Right!

Complete shocker --- WE WENT CAMPING!

Friday night, we went up near Aspen Groves to Theater in the Pines for our Ward Campout and Talent Show.
***I don't think I have been camping in 10 years!  (I have slept at the lake in boats if you call that camping.)  On our way up to the site, we stopped at Target so I could buy a sleeping bag!  We also stopped and grabbed Cafe Rio for dinner --- true camping!

The campsite was gorgeous!  A good amount of our neighbor friends were there and Camry loved roaming around.

For the Talent Show, the Young Women/Leaders (who came), and Camry participated in a dance to the song Happy.  We wore brown bags on our heads with pictures of our bishopric and the young men leaders.

I will try and post a video soon.

During the Talent Show it started raining and didn't stop!
We went back to the Tent and Camry thought she was in a bounce house!

It was a full on down pour! ALL NIGHT LONG! Luckily, our tent held up and we stayed some what dry.  The worst part was the lightning and thunder that rolled through the night! I thought several times, I wasn't going to live through the night!  Seriously, it rained all night.  (that part of the campout was AWFUL!)  Good news was Camry slept well all night!

When the sun came up the rain began to stop.  At that point, I was done!  We quickly packed up, ate breakfast and went home.

I am SUPER bummed that we didn't get pictures.

Ice Bucket Challenge!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tooth Pickers

Daniel grabs paper wherever and whenever he needs to use a tooth pick... Camry has caught on.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jordan River Temple YW Trip!

I took some of the Young Women to do Baptisms for the Dead.  It was a neat experience to be there with these sweet girls!  Two families gave us names, they were each able to do 9 baptism and confirmations usually you can do 3-5!  We were very blessed today! I love going to the Temple!
Afterward, we stopped at Schmidt's Pastry Cottage!!! I forgot how amazing their treats are!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Big News!


We feel very blessed to be adding another child to our family!  It took longer than expected and I am overwhelmed with joy to announce Baby Smith will be born in March 2015! Every time someone would ask when we were having another - my heart ached.  Be cautious of how you approach this to your family or friends.  Our bodies are amazing but we can't make them do things on our timing! It felt like a roller coaster ride of emotions for several months. I am grateful for faith in the Lord's timing!

We announced to our families using this video:
Posted 9/30/2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Puddle Jumpers!

Camry and I invited the Barnes family to play in the rain!  


Next time, we'll be singing in the rain!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2 Year Old Buds!

The Bryson Family came to stay for a couple days!  Camry and Brody had a blast!  I love having friends here too!  We all got to meet Baby Brynnlee! 
Couch climbers!
Brody is about a week older than Camry:
Brody taught Camry how to dance to rap music!
He also taught her new faces:
They watched a show together before bed:
Cutest Friends!
We hope they come back soon!