Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Dinner with the Tennison Family!

Erin & Matt had us over for a fabulous Easter dinner tonight!
Brooke made heavenly molten lava cake! I think I will be dreaming about it for weeks!
Baby Camry & Baby Scott are just days apart, it is always fun to see them together:

We had a great time and are grateful for family!

Happy Easter!

We went to our new ward today and enjoyed meeting many new people. Camry was so entertained she didn't want to sleep at church! I haven't been in Relief Society for awhile and was excited to be there... for the whole 10 minutes. Next week, maybe she'll enjoy Elders Quorum.  We are lucky we got some pictures, she was exhausted.

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday in our backyard! 
 (The neighbors were outside and Camry could hear them, so she wanted to see them.)

Daughter like Mother:
 The Easter Bunny Surprises for Daniel and Camry!!
 Scrunchy Smile!

 Funny Easter Bunny Bath Towel:
Hope each of you had a fabulous day! I am so grateful for my Savior & his atonement!

Camry was much happier in the evening! Here's to several more weeks of playing with eggs!

 Silly Girl!

Easter on Main Street

Good Friday! Easter on Main!
Friday, we went with Ryan, Emily, & Carter to explore Main Street in Lehi.
Several stores handed out treats for a couple hours, so we took advantage of the small town perks!

 At the beginning it was windy and Camry wasn't enjoying it...

 Kohler's grocery store has a creepy bunny!!!
 Chickfila Cow was there too!
 I am obsessed with some of the cute shops on Main St!

My adorable mom sent me this!
I think all the Bunnies i've seen this year are comical!

First Week in our House!

The Sweetest Boys live across the street! They came over and introduced themselves, helped us load the trailer & brought over muffins!!!
It snowed the weekend we moved in! ugh, grr, eek... good thing it melted fast!
Camry's new toy: Packing Tape!
Or emptying the diaper bag! This was an incredible moment - first time I could set her down and do something without her screaming! The move must have really confused her.
Bath time! Loving rubber ducks in her new tub!
Playing in the pantry!
Naps in the front room pack 'n play!
Swing time with Dad!
Daniel said she just kept her leg straight out the whole time. :)
Moving things into the crawl space! So happy to have this guy!
Packages have even caught up to us!
 We love Happy Mail!
Grandpa & Gammy Hendrickson sent Camry these Easter things!
We are having so much fun! I am giving myself 1 month to get these put in their places! ah, overwhelming!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nosey Camry

Shes quite a nosey girl... wonder where she gets it! ;)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After 4 months of intense searching, offering, heartbreak, and more searching, offering, tears, etc....
We got a house!!! Hooray!
We are in LOVE!
Come Visit!

It is a work in progress and I am thrilled to give it some TLC!

 Kitchen looking to front door:
 Tri-level: Main floor
 Camry playing down stairs (Family Room, Laundry/Bathroom, and Guest Bedroom)
 Upstairs looking down: (Upstairs: Master Bed & Bath, Camry's room, Guest Bedroom & Bathroom)
 Upstairs looking down again - Left: Front room & Right: Kitchen
 Backyard! Bring on the BBQ's!
Found this on the camera! First moving haul was Thursday late night! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Happy St. Paddy Cake!
I'm so lucky to have this little girl in my life!
Pinch Proof!
Next year, we might be chasing leprechauns and eating corn beef! ;)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

High Chair Party at IKEA

Friday night family double date at IKEA:

Camry & Ashley had a stare down!

 Fine Dining...
 Little Girlies strollin' through the store!
Ikea has some super fun summer items!  Daniel took everything I wanted out of the cart, stating "Everything seems like a good idea here until you get it home". I was bugged but its totally true!

These two are hysterical together:
The girls at our pretend patio party!
Thank you, IKEA!