Friday, February 21, 2014

Neighborhood Street Ball

1400 West was quite the party today! We had a "warm" day and sunshine!
 Our neighbors came together for some Hoops! Speed was the game of choice:
 Looking forward to more spring/summerish days to play with our neighbor friends!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ready to POP!

My friend and neighbor, Stephanie is getting close to having a baby so we took advantage and celebrated last night with a Girls Night at The Slurp!
We have great neighbors!!  These girls are so much fun!The Slurp was tasty & I took Daniel and Camry there today!

Camry & Ashley: Playdate

Three weeks in a row, Camry adores Jump On It!
We took Jaime & Ashley to see our favorite Mom & Me class!
Camry & Ashley's non stop laughter was contagious! 

Camry enjoyed throwing herself on the trampoline.

Ready, Set, Jump!

These girls had so much fun jumping and the play party-date continued as they "fed" each other and destroyed every room in our house! Chicken nuggets and Mac & Cheese are a staple around here.

Waffle cones have also become popular since Camry's play kitchen food has a few ice cream cones.
Ashley talked up a storm and was a great sport while Camry learned to share toys.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Girls Morning with The Nelsons

The cute girls were a variety of different emotions this morning:
Nervous, Excited, Happy, Dramatic, Upset (for having to share), Happy, Thrilled, Hungry, Giggly and Tired!

While Lyndsey & I made wreaths the girls started to giggle and play together on the stairs. Camry got close to Harper and Harper wasn't sure what to do!

These two girls are just a month apart in age! Friends Forever!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014: Valentine's Day!

As a family, we went and ran some errands (aka spent hours at Scheels!) When we came home, there were two packages on the porch! I figured they were both for Daniel, he is on an archery kick!
There was a black box with MY NAME on it! I asked Daniel why he sent me flowers... he said I think your going to be real surprised.
 MY INCREDIBLE Dad sent me roses!!! I was shocked and caught off guard. I bawled for an hour or so! I felt so loved!  Wish I could be in Arizona this weekend for my Dad's 70th Birthday & Edith's,my Sister in Law, baby shower!

The other package was... drumroll. ;) Ear protection for Daniel to use for an upcoming shooting trip! He spent Valentine's Day testing them out. (Not to mention his MISSION glasses that Camry found in a drawer... he wore this all day to bug me.)
Camry is obsessed with her "MAMA" aka her DADmom. (Daniel)

 Camry's Presents: A "talking" Dog & a new swim suit!
 The pointer finger is a fave!
 Daniel got Spot It, 2 shirts, and a archery case!
 I was given some wonderful chocolate HUGS!
***inside joke: last year Daniel threw away my hugs because I left wrappers around the house! ha. :)
 We made steak and sweet potato fries for dinner! Camry lucked out and got to play outside. Most of the snow is melted and it wasn't too cold last night.
 She was thrilled to swing!
 Camry has started "taking out the trash"... she hefts the trash up with both fists.
 We love this little!
It was a fabulous day!