Monday, January 30, 2012

December Pictures!

Ryan and Libbie's Wedding!
Daniel and I were so excited for a reason to go to Arizona EARLY! We were even more THRILLED for Ryan and Libbie to get married!!! We felt so honored to be there with them! Wish I had a picture of them! There dinner and reception were amazing!!! (Seriously one of the CUTEST receptions, I've ever seen!)

That same weekend, we went to Lillian's end of the season softball party! She has become a SUPERSTAR player!!! I wish I was in Arizona to watch her play every week!!! Missin' my little lillerz!

YEA for Rings, Lando!

Supporters:  D, L, and Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Duh! 

Afterward, we raced to Dylan's guitar recital! He is truly a ROCKSTAR!!! Wish I could hear him play more often!!! Miss you D -diggity!
Christmas in Sedona with the Smiths!

Polar Express in Williams! Super fun Train Ride to see Santa on Christmas Eve!

 We easily took up a third of the car on the train!
I would love hot chocolate and a SNICKERDOODLE cookie right now!

Christmas Day! - Some random shots with MY NEW CAMERA!!! YAHOO!!! Awesome gift from D!

 I pretty much looked like this most of the week: sitting somewhere with FOOD!

Lonely Christmas Decorations in Murray - Gingerbread theme this year! Thank you, Tai Pan!

Three stockings to announce Baby Smith to my Madre!

Celebration # 2 of 1/30/12

Went to the doctor!!! Heard a "chug chug chug!"  February 29th, will reveal a big secret!!
Who is BIGGER? Pictures from the 22nd.

This one makes me laugh -

Celebration #1 of 1/30/12

"Celebration # 1 in timed order"

 ITS UNBELIEVABLE!!! Half of my class turned in their science fair posters today!!! I should have higher expectations - I only expected a few! YAHOO!!! Some of them are adorable too! Hopefully, the rest magically appear tomorrow! Our science fair is Thursday! Maybe one of them will win an award!


Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 2012!

So my monthly 2011 saga has yet to be completed… oh well… someday!

For NOW – Here the lastest and greatest from the HOOD!

Science Fair – February 2nd!

Within a week or two of going back to work from Christmas break my team and I are informed that we need to do a science fair!

Woa – we had NO IDEA this would even be a task for our 5th graders this year.

Turns out someone dropped the ball, this frequently happens, that’s why my job is so AWESOME! Hahaha

Anyway that same someone informs 5th grade we have about 3 weeks to complete our projects and the fair. Wonderful! The students were excited with the thought of making something. Once they realize how much time it would take, they changed there minds. What you would say if your child brought home a thick detailed packet and needed to complete it with the project asap. You’d be excited right! Ya, I know… long shot.

Many of these families don’t have any extra funds. These cute kiddos have been stressed! I helped them come up with project ideas that wouldn’t require buying much if anything to complete their project. OVERALL, it was been neat to see excited kids... can’t wait for it to be OVER!!! I helped a couple students do projects on Friday.

Float and Sink (Super COOL!!!) I found this idea on YouTube.

The drinks with high SUGAR count SINK!!!

Last weekend, we helped my friend and coworker Lexi move. Her and hubs, Elvis, bought an ADORABLE house in Lehi!!!

Afterward, we drove around looking at houses in the area. I liked some of them but we didn’t see anything as great as there house! We went further west away from the freeway and I felt like I was in Queen Creek! EEEEK. I needed to find the nearest mall to make myself feel better! : D

We are driving back to Lehi tonight with Daniel's friend, Ben, for BUFFALO WILD WINGS! It just opened in Utah!

Hobby time! - After a LONG title 1 conference yesterday, I needed some down time!

I busted out this beauty and went to town!

I made some CAMO burp cloths for Paul and Jaime's babe... mostly for Paul though.

She could find out what she is having next week but instead she is going to drive me nuts & have it be a surprise. haha I told her she can't go shopping with me if she doesn't know what she is having. : ) We went to dinner with them last night and I was planning on giving them the burp cloths & OF COURSE forgot them on the kitchen table. GRR, I have been forgetting things a lot lately.

I have been eyeing this VINTAGE CRIB!

My mom and I saw it when she came to visit in November. I thought it was so cool but had no reason to get it. Well, I have been DREAMING about it!!!!

My mom said she would buy it for me if it were still at the store, Home Again. I really didn’t think it would still be there. I told Daniel about it and of course he thought I was crazy. While he slept in this morning, I went to Home again (as the rain poured & windy gust) I was a little nervous but there in the corner of the store was this beauty on SALE!!! Now I’ve got myself a radical crib that I can use as a basinet or even a toy of a little girl SOMEDAY! I need my mom to come visit, she is already planning on making a mattress of some sort.

After Home Again, I ran a couple other errands. When I got home, Daniel helped me empty the car. He grabbed the crib and said “it looks used.” I wanted to rewind and record his statement. I said “remember I said it was a vintage crib”… he went on to say it was just a USED crib. Hahaha

My eyes have been WIDE OPEN – I have also been eyeing this website!!!! I’m in LOVE!!! Click Here to see some of my favorite prints.

Daniel's TOY!

Last night, I was ready to crash and Daniel comes into the room with his helicopter... I talked him into waiting to play with it... Today however as it stopped raining and quickly began to snow - largest flakes I've ever seen - I hear the hmmm of the motor.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awesomeness from Becca!

Check out Crafted Sparrow for a free giveaway!!! A RING and EARRINGS!

Super cute! I got some for Christmas!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

March 2011

PICTURES TO COME~ I'm at work :D

Went to the Mesa Arizona Temple!

Julie came to visit!!! She kept me sane! :D

Rehearsal dinner with awesome family & friends!

Married my homeboy, March 5th for time and all eternity!

Amazing Reception at Marci & Patrick’s home! I will owe them for the rest of my life!

Wedding Celebration with my class!

Went on a cruise to Mexico!

Went to a family ward! That was a big change after 5 years of singles wards. Miss the Sossaman Ward now!

as so much more...

Monday, January 2, 2012

February 2011


First Valentines with Daniel!

Engagement celebration with my class & my cool cousin Marci!!

Bridal Showers (some of the favorite wedding events! Love seeing my girlfriends!)
Bachelorette Party at Tia Rosas with Katie, Kristina, Shawna, & Hillary!
Wedding Planning took over my LIFE!
PRIDE Day @ Patterson, Missing the days with Katy & Heidi!

and so much more!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2011


Rang in the new year with the Smiths!
My first graders telling their parents, I was getting married tomorrow! Haha
A few of these same kiddos telling their parents my ring was bigger than their moms.
Parents asking if I was crazy for planning a wedding in MARCH! I am sure they thought I was pregnant. (Overall, they were extremely supportive and excited!)
Stressed out Ms. Hendrickson trying to plan a wedding!
We got our marriage license!
Found a wedding dress with my mom!
Took engagement photos with Rick!
and so much more...