Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moms Visit!

Daniel went back to Rico, CO. My mom came while he was gone. I had parent teacher conferences on Thursday when she got here. My school secretary saved the day and picked her up at the airport! My mom got to meet a couple of my students. They were so excited to see my mom! I was wayyyy more excited though!


Burlington Coat Factory is where we found OUR HOMEBOYS!

HOME AGAIN: I really LOVE this hutch the bottom is cabinets...
This vintage CRIB is so rad! Want it too... but don't NEED it!

Target- Have you ever seen these? No I didn't buy nor do I wear these but thought it was humorous!

Daniel came home on Saturday after all of this snow had fallen. My mom scrapped the car... I was so glad UNTIL she threw a SNOWBALL at me. I wanted to curse! She enjoyed the snow while I just wanted to hide and SCREAM!

We picked Daniel up from the rental car place and went to GEORGE'S Salvage! (moms idea)

Posted these pictures to Facebook and my brother said "I thought you moved to Utah not Mexico!" So true!

I really want to make this door into a headboard. I found the idea on Pinterest.
The window I want to use for a vinyl quote and wreath or something.

Mom came with us to church on Sunday. I went back to work Monday and she brought me lunch! I am spoiled. Tuesday she cleaned and organized my house before flying out!

She made me the COOLEST CHRISTMAS GARLAND! I will post it once I get pictures! Honestly, can't wait to decorate for Christmas!

I sure do miss her!!!

Boo! EEK! Sppoooky! Halloween!

Daniel came home from CO on the Saturday before Halloween. I had him take me shopping! Surprise Surprise! We found a new area, Jordan's Landing. It's by our house, we like to shop there. We went into Sear's Grand and here is what we found:

Daniel dressed up as a PERSONAL TRAINER!

When Daniel first tried this on... I laughed SO HARD!

I dressed up as a FOOTBALL! (I wanted to find something my students would never guess! It worked!!!)

On Halloween, I wore my costume for my School Parade! The kids loved it! Some kicked me... but not too many. :D

We swapped costumes:

Halloween Night, we went to our friends to help pass out candy. Paul and Jaime tried on our costumes too!

We are lucky to have awesome friends!

TRIPS to the SUN!

Missing Superstition Springs....

Our first trip was over Labor Day! I couldn't wait to go back and see my family! While we were there Daniel's nephew was blessed so it turned out perfect! I only have a video and two random pictures from that trip :)
Todd's Daughter Amy and I at the party after Asher's blessing.

Corbyn!!! One of my favorite students ever! Before his brothers circus party! His Mom, Rebecca is also one of my favorite people! Check out her blog! She is amazing! Thecraftedsparrow!

My Fall Break Trip to ARIZONA!!!
It was great to be HOME! First, I stopped by Ashland Ranch to see Kym! Teachers, check out this awesome bulletin board... Great idea for the whole grade levels students of the week!

Second stop, FINLEY FARMS!!! I loved seeing EVERYONE! Had to take a picture with QUI!! She is having a little girl in March! She is barely showing! I love this girl! Totally miss teaching with her!

Third stop, LUNCH with GPA at Salad's N Such! Yum Yum!
I even went shopping with Julie, Dylan, Ashton, and baby Scarlet!! Oooo, I love all of them!

I hit up Patterson! ooooo, I so miss my PANTHERS! Just one picture there! I didn't get to see all my kiddos. Enjoyed the hugs and smiles I got! Kyle was one of my students last year, I totally surprised him! He had no idea I was coming! If I live in AZ, when we have kids, I will drive them to Patterson! Greatest school ever!!!

I had to cut my visit short to pick Landon up at Preschool! Cutest thing ever!!! Wish I could pick him up everytime!!!

Peter Piper Pizza Party with the Family!
Eat cardboard pizza til you drop!
I love this girl aka my sister in law! Miss hanging out with her!


Lillerz just started playing softball! Wish I could watch her every Saturday!
Go Killer Whales!!! This brought back all my awkward memories of playing softball. Lilly is way better than I was! I would get so nervous and not want to play! Just watching her I teared up. She did fantastic!!!

Then we rushed to Landon's Game(they were at the same time)!

Go fireflies!!!

So wish I could be there to give these to love and hugs!

I was so busy my whole trip! Landon and I spent the most time together. We both had several melt downs together! My brothers all took over my life too. We went to dinner almost every night! I loved seeing everyone!

When I got to the airport to fly to SLC, I had 8 missed calls from "Kyle Hendrickson". I finally answered when I got settled. Landon said... Lolo I thought you were coming to pick me up. The call went on and on... I tried to explain that I was going to Utah. He asked me to pick him up after I got to Utah. He says the greatest things about what I need to do to see him!

The day I left, he asked my mom - "When my mom and dad die I am moving to Utah, will you come with me to live with Lolo?" Hopefully, that won't happen soon... and I'm even more hopeful that I can move back to AZ way before then! :D

BWH came to visit!

My Dad and Debbie came to UTAH!

My Dad stayed with us while Debbie watched Brooke, Summer, and "Goose" Taylor in American Fork.

We went to General Conference, played with the little girls, took over the Jordan River trail, etc. It was a great visit! I don't have pictures but Daniel and I watched Summer and Taylor while my Dad, Debbie, and Brooke went to General Conference on Sunday. The little girls helped decorate for Halloween! Summer did a fantastic job! She told me she couldn't believe that I needed her help!

I loved having family here! Right before my dad flew out Daniel left for work. I was a bawl baby! I think I made Daniel and my Dad nervous to leave me alone! I was trying to figure out why my Dad could go to Utah, Daniel could leave and I was stuck in a state I didn't want to be in. :D

3 months!

We have lived in Utah for 3 months. I have manage to be "debbi downer" for most of those months... not really something to brag about. Which is part of the reason I haven't blogged. I wanted this blog to be HAPPY. :D Time to nest and figure out life here whether its what I want or not. Landon's new quote is "I hate my new life." (ask him why and he will tell you because Lolo moved to Utah.) I have really agreed with his phrase. However, it has been heartbreaking to hear him say it... hence the greater reason to be content here.
Bright side of Utah
  • Daniel started his career.
  • I have a job. It's been humbling.
  • I love my students.
  • Several opportunities to help those in need.
  • The mountains are beautiful.
  • The leaves are changing colors... rare for a AZ native.
  • I have been busy: work, church, trying to decorate, exploring the city, etc. (Dreaming of my old life :D)
  • I get to go to Tai Pan weekly!
  • I have made a couple great friends.
  • We are closer to Grandma Lundahl, we visited her a few weeks ago!
  • My Dad and Debbie have come to visit a couple times.
  • I haven't been lost in a few weeks! This is HUGE!
  • My Mom came last week and helped DECORATE!! This was huge! I have not had much motivation to do much myself.
  • We live in a house with character!
  • I went to the SLC temple.
  • We got a new car with 4WD!
  • Space heaters keep me warm through the night!
  • I bought two pairs of SNOWBOOTS!
  • PINTEREST has become my new obsession - My mom took us to George's Salvage - I got an old door and window - probably wouldn't have done that in AZ.
  • My mom bought me ELF OF THE SHELF! Can't wait to use it!
  • I DROVE IN REAL SNOW and didn't wreck!
I know there are other great things... Now if I can just remember to blog. GOAL: replace tears with posts! :D

Some pictures:

GoodBYE! Passat! Sad but joyful day!

Hellllooooooooooooo PILOT!

We lost hours and hours of sleep over this decision! We are now very happy with our purchase! It has been a blessing... I have driven many young women around in this car!

One of our first Pilot trips was to Logan to visit Gma and Leanna. We stopped at Smith and Edwards on our way home! It is a mixture of Sportsmans, Harbor Freight, Ace Hardware, etc.

This picture is mocking what I have to wear at Recess duty: (Construction worker jacket)

This picture below is the REAL recess duty attire! Hot diggity!
When my Dad was here in October, he took these pictures for us. The only ones we have together in front our house... I had been bawling... nice swollen face. Right before Daniel left to Rico, CO for 2 weeks and my Dad flew back to AZ. I stuck by myself.