Monday, September 23, 2013

Queen of Jewels

Girly girl is very fitting right now. Camry is always walking around with a purse, jewelry, or something that looks like a purse or bracelet... (headbands & grocery bags - whatever she can wear around her wrist or arm)   Jewels have been her latest obsession:
She sat still and very seriously put these necklaces on and off for about 15 minutes!

hello, FALL.

Daniel & I made Caramel Apples together on Saturday night while we checked the computer for stats on the BYU vs Utah football game.
Sunday night, we had a few neighbors over for a little gathering to Welcome Fall.
Camry enjoyed having her friends over and even managed to be a sweet character:

Once there was a girl who helped herself to a caramel apple. She took that apple everywhere she went... through the garage, to play with kids in the yard, a night time stroll to the neighbors, and back home... she was determined to hold it tight - she won the fight all the way into the bath tub.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chin Ups.

This dangerous trick began... Camry Chin Ups:

I was shocked that she did this on her own and she evens gets her head above the stove!

Skype with Kyle

Camry had a Skype party with Uncle Kyle:
He would make noises with his tongue and she would copy, sweet and so cute!

SYRUP & Some Pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast:

Camry really just wanted SYRUP!

She gets upset if she doesn't get to use silverware.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Giddy up!

Felt & Fab!

Felt & Fabric Wreath:
I made this with Shauna for a girls night!

Check that out ^ Daniel put the kickplate on the door while I was out! Super Hubs!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nectarines x 1,000

 Daniel's commerical poses...

We have been blessed with abundant amount of nectarines from ONE TREE! We are pleased with the previous owners of our home who planted it! They have been so tasty!  We had WAY more than we needed.  Debbie & my Dad were in town after Labor Day and they enjoyed picking them and laying in the grass eating nectarines! Debbie made Jam & my dad and I made Nectarine Ice Cream! It was so good! Daniel has created several things as well - Nectarine vinaigrette dressing, nectarine cobbler to name a few.

To say Camry LOVES nectarines is an understatement. She could eat them all day long- she added "character" to several of them with little bites out of many.
 This is a new face - don't look at me "SHY" face -

 Sometimes she doesn't love the skin...
 Cuddly sweet girl! Ah, I just adore her!
We gave out atleast 50 pounds of nectarines in one weekend! Still a few more on our tree!
Super cool to have a nectarine tree!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recently Discovered Hobby!

New Hobbies are great!  I'm obsessed with wreaths for my front door!  I need new ones frequently due to the sun exposure our door gets.

I made this one out of scraps! Navy and Orange - I was shooting for FALL colors but it looks like I'm celebrating Halloween a month early.
 Oh & we painted our door gray - its growing on us...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Park City - Smith Party of 40 ish!

The Smith Family has done it again! Rick & Sherry spoiled us in Park City, Utah.  We spent time with Daniel's siblings and their awesome families for a week!  It was fabulous get together. We missed Jenni, Caden, Austin, & Coby!!!

 Here are some of the 21 grandkids! Camry has really great cousins!

I wish we would have taken more pictures - too much going on to remember to photograph! 
Camry has a darling cousin just 2 days younger than her - Callie - They warmed up to each other the last few days. These two girls have several similarities about them.
Our only family shot - Olympic Park 
(The lift didn't leave me feeling so great.. afraid of heights...eeek!)

We ate and ate and ate...shopped the outlets... played games... chatted all night... and enjoyed a relaxing vacay! Well, I did - Daniel worked most of the week & started GRAD SCHOOL!