Friday, August 24, 2012

S, Toe Blooms, Mario Luigi Princess!

So here is how my projects turned out- Daniel doesn't like the S. He said, "why'd you paint it yellow?" It might be coming down soon. Awesome. Not to mention, a friend came over and said "I was trying to figure out what the S was for." I didn't end up putting any ASU Maroon.
I need my mom to give him some 'cool' buttons to make it look better. :)
Wanna be Toe Blooms! Seriously, google toe blooms... funnnnnnny.
Super Cougar Copperview outfit!
Sportin' an awesome headband all the way from Brittany in Georgia!
(This swing gets in too many pictures, but its a lifesaver!)
*chunky toes!

This smile makes me smile! "Mario Luigi Princess!
"He saw Daniel first. He stared at me before coming over to say hi!
Camry was beyond hungry - but as someone else said "She must have recognized his voice!" haha
I saw several students! Loved it!!!! Miss them all!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simple Flowers

The flower search!  I can finish my ASU S! Hope Camry sleeps alittle longer :P

 (Not adding any pictures because I am almost out of internet!)
Ribbon -

Trim Flower - greylustergirl

Tulle Flowers - marthastewart: tulle-or-net-pom-poms

My little SUN devil!

Tonight is Back to School Night at Copperview! A year ago, yesterday I was hired to "sub"! I got the job and had about 24 hrs to sit in meetings and try and throw together a classroom! AMAZINGLY, I DID IT!!! Each class was able to choose a college to represent for the year! It would have been right to choose anywhere but ASU!!! Can't believe its been that long! EEEK, we've lived in UTAH a year!

Still a SUN DEVIL at heart!!!

While I was gathering my supplies for my daily projects... ok they are turning into MONTH long projects (below)... my phone rang. I answered it because I have been talking to Doctors offices all morning (lil is sick). At first I didn't recognize the voice, then I caught on! My principal from Copperview, called and said she just want someone resigned and would like to me to come in and interview! haha, nice prank! I will not be going back this year. Totally what happened last year after my sweet "landlady" helped me get a job!!! It was suppose to be a long term sub, I was hired as a full time teacher after my 2nd day there! I am truly blessed by how things fall into place.

ASU inspired S for Smith! Just in time for ASU football! I need to google aka PINTEREST some tutorials for Tulle/Twine flowers. Camry has a special outfit to wear tonight... in honor of Copperview... its just missing some TOE BLOOMS! (We are going to help PTA sell shirts! I can't wait to see my kiddos!)

See that other "stuff", ya I need to finish writing thank yous and mailing birth announcements. Maybe tomorrow... aka SOMEDAY.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest Love

Instead of cooking dinner- I want to share some amazing things I checked out on Pinterest today!!!

I ususally just pin - today I looked at links!
I'm not posting pictures but I promise these links ROCK!

IN LOVE!!!  These are things I REALLY want to make!

Chalkboard Pedestal Frames

french-manicure-effortlessly!!! - SO SMART

Printable birthday calendar SO SIMPLE & Cute!

Incredible Wreaths with Simple Instructions!

Giant-candy-corn out of a Construction Cone

Tulle Wreath - Maybe in College Colors - ASU of course!!!

The-199-Noodley-Beverage-Boat !!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Another fun week!

I teach the 12-13 year olds at church (Beehives)... All of the Young Women 12-18 year old girls, threw a surprise BABY SHOWER for me last Wednesday! I am so blessed!

 They gave Camry this adorable tutu & flower clips!
 oops! Nap time does this to us!
 Friday, I went to the doctor & Daniel had to feed Baby C! Her first bottle EVER! He did fantastic! I was so nervous! I waited 45 minutes before seeing my doctor... that didn't help. But Daniel did well as Mr. Mom. :)
 Daniel always pulls the Bumbo out of the closet. I know she is too small but it cracks us up!

 She spits up/ pukes in her swing if she doesn't burp really well. We tried to have her join us for dinner. haha she was already so tired it didn't go well.
 But her highchair is ready for her!
 Camry's new friend! We added a mirror to see Camry! She loves seeing herself too!
 On Saturday, we drove up to Logan to see Camry's GREAT Grandma Lundahl.
 It was so precious to watch sweet Grandma talk to her and rock her to sleep.

 Aunt Leanna was a super sitter too! She got Camry to smile!

 We drove by the Brigham City Temple. It is open for the public walk through! We didn't go but I hope we get to soon!
Another Sunday... This super cute dress is from Hailey! 
 Monday morning Smiles! Heres to another fabulous week!
Countdown is on! 9 days til PHOENIX!  Kind of nervous to take her on a plane... hope it goes well!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm Back!

It is the 15th and SOOOO I have fast internet... until I use it all! :)

Here is a ton of pictures from the last month! I know i'm missing some events... I haven't put all the pictures in order yet.
Daniel can't get enough of Camry's face!

Going to baby Harper's Blessing!

Grandma Sherry, Shawna, and Melanie sent us this swing! Its a life saver! I can shower without to much screaming in the background!

Ben, Hailey, Mila, Ethan, Lucy & Lane came to Utah for 3 weeks! We loved having them around!

First Sunday at Winchester Ward - just sacrament.
Marge Simpson (too bad the blanket isn't blue)
Rah Rah Rah! She loved being propped up.
My mom made jewelry while she was in town... Daniel was an arm model!

 July 24th! Camry & I drove down and met Lyndsey & Harper!
took 45 minutes to get about 2 miles... we should have jumped on a carriage.

Headed to the neighborhood safety meeting & fireworks!
Uncle Kyle had a short layover in SLC! We went to the airport to see him! Miss my big brotha! He couldn't believe how small she was!
 Rick & Sherry came to visit! Breakfast at Kneaders !
Meeting Grandma Sherry & Grandpa Rick!

 Didn't see much of Daniel on his days off in July! He was having fun with Ben & Hailey! They stayed at a rad house in Provo... This hummer just happened to be there.

The Grandmas helping me get things decorated!

Super sad every time I drop someone off.

Grandpa came to visit!!! August 2nd!
 Grandpa meeting baby Scott!

Taylor wanted a picture with Camry but they both kept moving!

Erin had tomatoes, basil & mozzarella, we had to copy her!
Camry turned 1 month old! Same day my mother had her birthday!

Family picture... after tears because I didn't want pops to leave.

The comfortable cradle look:
Cutest lil toes! Love that she covers her face!
First Sunday of all 3 hours!!! She is great for about 2.

Daniel takes Camry around the yard and shows her the garden... she actually enjoys it!

Headed to our ward BBQ.
Some modeling shots... add your own captions.

The new gangsta headband trend!
Another Sunday, folding her arms at church:
Meeting Grandpa Chris! & Ali, Derek, and Bridget @ JCW's!

Our lives have been so full, busy, fabulous, and blessed!  We love our sweet Camry!