Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday, July 7th

A day in the life of Camry (Saturday, July 7th)!

Went back to the hospital to check my jaundice – (it balanced out after another trip to the lab on Sunday.)
Grandma Vicki continued to play house… shopping, cooking, cleaning, and spoiling us! Check out this AMAZING salad she made for us!! She knows how to make my mom happy!

Gammy (Debbie) & Aunt Erin: Debbie flew in to be with Erin for her upcoming arrival of baby Scott!

Debbie and Erin stopped by our house to see me. Lara & Macie were in town from OHIO!
Katie, Erich, & Madi were in town from ARIZONA!
My mom was thrilled to see her friends & family!

Night on the town: City Creek Mall with Grandma! We called Uncle Troy on the way to the mall, He said “Lauren she is 2! I mean 2 days!” then he said something along the lines of… You are suppose to be breaking the trend not encouraging another shopper in the family!” Teach’em while their young! : ) My new friend, Harper was there with her cool parents Lyndsey & Skyler! Feeding and changing diapers in the fitting rooms was a whole new experience! :D Finished the night at Coldstone Creamery (My mom is obsessed with their cupcakes! You should try them!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our hospital guests!

 Grandma Vicki!
 Camry's first flowers, love from Grandpa & Gammy!
 3 generation!
 Auntie Mercedes!!!

 Papa Ted!
 Sweet Mother Cecelia! Uncle Xavi!
 Wildly adorable!

Our new friend, Kadie!
We talked to, texted with, & skyped with friends and family! Thanks for celebrating with us!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Camry Lynn Smith

July 19th - how about JULY 4th!

8:19 am, 6 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches! 
Head full of hair!
She is gorgeous!  {taking pictures of babies is hard}

More to come on our Firecracker!!! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

26... Perfect Lazy Sunday!

Wow! 10 years ago, the hype was all about driving and dating!
 Today, the hype was all about spending my birthday with my awesome husband! 

He went on a shopping spree yesterday... He came home and wrapped some presents. Then told me the most difficult part was finding a grocery store and buy a cake mix! Oh sweet D!

We went to Texas Roadhouse last night for dinner! It was delicious! Daniel wanted me to ride the saddle... I did not think I could lift my leg over that thing and still walk to the car to go home! : ) Maybe next year!

 After church today, Daniel made burritos... my request & baked me a cake! {While I played detective... I went in the other room while talking to my Dad & Debbie... to allow Daniel to bake and realized there was a firetruck in front of my house. Always drama in the neighborhood.}

Daniel came to find me when he realized he couldn't find candles! This is a big deal with the Smith family! Every birthday cake is decked in candles! Well, to his disappointment I don't have candles on hand. Something that is going to have to change. He went back to his cake and returned to the front room with a pretty cake and a regular gold canyon candle!

 Can you tell my body is LARGE & tired! haha
Neck & Shoulder Massage... Daniel must be sick of rubbing my back. ;)
Foot Lotion for my elephant feet... just my right foot gets HUGE!

Bring on another year!