Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The sweet Martinez family brought us heavenly pizza and a special drink! It was such an amazing surprise!!! Feeling very blessed to have them as friends and neighbors! Camry set the table for our pizza- loved the napkins & spoons! She was so excited and proud of herself!

Minutes before dinner came Camry was in full 2 year old mode, hopping on chairs and making fun dip messes!


Two "nesters" shouldn't be allowed! While I cleaned out a night stand in the nursery (random) Camry helped and I thought watched... I had no idea that while she was watching me she was also emptying all her drawers in her dresser! Needless to say we spent the next hour organizing and putting away clothes that no longer fit Camry!!!

My "Tent"

Daniel has been spoiling Camry with lots of "tents" aka forts in "Papa Mommy's" room, our guestroom. They have it full of toys, books, and flashlights.  I keep waiting for them to try a fort nap! :) Camry thinks it's the greatest thing!  Anytime of day she asks Daniel to go into her tent!

Love & Service Dinner

Daniel and I went to our ward love and service party! This was our quick attempt to the photobooth! :)


"Swimming pool" nachos started this pregnancy and "gas station" nachos will get me through the next few weeks! I had to stop and treat myself after my 35 week doctor appointment,  I'm on the right track dilated 1 cm. Camry was born at 37 weeks and 6 days so if my body follows a similar pattern "baby brother" could be here in a few short weeks!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mutual Watercolors

Daniel and Camry have become quite artistic while I'm at mutual.  Watercolors have been impressive and the helpful resource to entertain Camry! 

Jordan River Temple

One of my absolute favorite parts of serving in Young Women's is taking girls to the temple!  It is such a neat uplifting experience!  I adore these girls and leaders!!!

Fresh Scent: Nail Polish

I'm so glad nail polish has a strong odor otherwise I would have been cleaning a giant mess!  Camry learned how to open the nail polish and painted her thumbs! I quickly noticed and helped her paint her nails.

Church Ball

The Young Women had stake basketball,  Camry and Lilly really wanted to play. Trash ball was a great alternative. 

Comic Con!

Hailey and Mila came to Utah to work on some film jazz, it was entertaining to go with them to Comic Con!!