Friday, May 30, 2014

Family Time at the Museum of Natural Curiosity!

The Museum of Natural Curiosity was fun to explore with some extra Smiths this week!
Hailey & her kids stayed and played with us this week!
Daniel got "stuck" on this tower & kids were kicking him in the head:
It was entertaining to watch him crawl through the play area and see him light up like a big kid at all the neat exhibits.
Mila, Ethan & Daniel took on Canopy Tours: The High Ropes Course:
Daniel teeter-totting with Ethan!
Spin, Spin, Spin... until you feel ill...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just like the Neighbors

Just like the neighbors... Camry has watched the neighbor kids scooter over the past year.  We bought her this sit and ride/scooter for Chrsitmas 2013 and she has really taken off! She can go all the way down the drive way (kind of fast)!  She thinks she is a Big Kid! :)
Have to share this picture from yesterday - I told Camry we we're going to a splash pad to meet Scarlett (her friend) she hung on the door handle - Such a strong girl!!!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint with Cousins!

Camry has carried around her sidewalk chalk paint buckets (from the Easter Bunny) for almost a week! Today, I decided to let her and her cousins use the Sidewalk Chalk Paint!
 Camry was so happy that Aunt Hailey shared her sunblock with her - always wanting to be just like the twins.
The Twins painted "Welcome Home Uncle Booner" & "Wonder Land" were written on our driveway :)
Camry mostly followed them around and dumped out the paint.  She learned to turn our outside faucet on and almost off this week so she played in the water once she finished painting.  Camry even shared the fun by dumping a cup of water all over my legs!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summertime: Utah CORN!

Front Porch CORN festival!
A few summers ago, my Dad was so excited to get Utah Corn! He taught us how to "nook" it a few minutes and enjoy! Tonight, we used his cooking method and wished he was in town to join us!

A "Jazzy" Weekend

Our friends, asked us to watch their house and dog this weekend.
Camry loved being with Jazzy! Taking full responsibility, Camry took him for a walk & feed him treats! She even said "treat"!
 Good thing Jazzy lives close and Camry can go visit Jazzy often!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Girls & "Baby Brett"

Last night, we met Paul & Jaime at Scheel's and let the girls run around. We decided to meet up today for lunch at The Wild Zucchini. The boys dads went to practice their archery skills afterward.  The moms and littles had a playdate at our house. Camry & Ashley drove cars, played in Camry's room & shared many snacks!
 Here's Camry's new "cheese" face:
Cutie porch sitters:
 These two were copying each others leg/feet movements:
 Baby Brett was inside being fed - he or Jaime must have said something that made them both turn around and look.
Such precious 1 year old girls!  (Almost 2 year olds!)