Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday My Favorite Family Day!

I love this girl! She makes my heart sing! She brings a smile to my face whether she is being good or driving me bats!  As I sat listening to the LDS General Women's Conference last night, I thought about how lucky I am to be the mother to this incredible Daughter of God! I am so BLESSED!
These two are so precious to watch together! I love my family!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pink Tutu & Pink Power Wheel

A sweet girl in a TUTU helping her Dad do yard work and taking an occasional ride on her Power Wheel Princess Quad.
 These silly faces instead of a smile, crack me up:
She hasn't quite figured out steering and pushing the button to go at the same time. She has no problem doing one at a time... she ends up all over the place and often gets stuck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

THE Chandelier Swing

THE Chandelier Swing:  (THE in hopes that it only happens once)
Sweet and innocent...
Long nights when Daniel is at school... sometimes all rules go out the window!

An Awesome Discovery!

Hailey and her kids came to stay for Spring Break! They spoiled us by taking us on several adventures!
We went to Discovery Gateway a Children's Science Museum in Salt Lake. Daniel met us there on his "lunch break"!

This was a "Man, we're lucky to have this guy" moment:
Daniel, Ethan, Lucy & Lane took a Tornado spin.

Camry is a great size for this place, she enjoyed so much of it!
Camry flying a helicopter:

Intermountain Life Flight & Hospital:

Camry was a natural!

Camry the Nurse busy at work:
Camry has Aunt Hailey wrapped around her finger :)

Spending time with Dad:
Musically Fam:

Horse rides at the "Farm"
When Camry wasn't trying to steal peoples play food or vehicles, she was in the kitchen: 

 The water play was another one of her favorites!
 We are all excited to go back again! Such an incredible place!