Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday in Logan!

Another awkward, self timing picture!

Holla!  On Sunday, we went to Logan, Utah aka my most favorite place in Utah.  First, we hit up the good ol' church.  Then we spent time with Grandma Lundahl and Aunt Leanna.  Leanna busted out her cooking skills and whipped up a roast!  Super Woman! After lounging around for a couple hours, we went my cousin Renee's house for her son, my second cousin, Marc, farewell party! Marc is joining the ARMY special forces! It was great to see him and other family! Saturday, I get to TREK it to Arizona! I am so stinkin' excited to bask in the heat!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patty Cake! & More

I wasn't going to share this picture with the blogging world but now I have a funny story to share with it.  I sent this to my family.  I said "Today "we're" irish! Happy St. Patty Cake!"  Well I sent it to my Grandpa and he cracked me up with his response!

He sent me an email asking the name?  I was so confused.  Then he sent me an email that he was looking forward to my visit in April and he was looking forward to meeting his newest grandchild! Turns out it just got the text of the email and not the picture of my belly!

I emailed him back explaining we haven't set a name and She is due in July. :D  I am glad he is excited!!!
Previous to St. Patrick's Day, the Wizner's met up with us at Pei Wei.  We are high rollers.  It was 20% of take out for March Madness. We got take out orders and sat outside! It was 70 degrees with NO WIND. This is very very rare for us!  The best part was that Daniel and I were TWINS! I also had on a green shirt and khaki pants.  haha

This week, I have been craving comfort food!!!  On Monday, we ate...

On Tuesday, we ate...

On Wednesday, we ate PIZZA! haha  I am becoming very ROUND "caterpillar"!

Favorite Purchase of the Week!  (This girl is so spoiled!!!)

That Grandma bought her a PINK Chandelier this week!!! (Thanks for the shopping tip, Julie!)
 Happy Thursday!


 Yesterday, all of our 5th graders went to Junior Achievement, BIZTOWN! The kids were CEO's, CFO's, Managers and employees of about 30 local business.  They have a fake city set up with several store fronts. The kids were ADULTS for the day! They were adorable, responsible, and so cute to watch!
The 3 (aka 5 with the babes) had so much fun! Talking, laughing, and of course eating while all our students worked their tails off!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scale Saga

Caught weighing myself!

My pants are sagging, rubber band trick not working so well these days!

Took a picture of the Mr. but he won't let me share. He is having a moment... we are on a mission to find him shirts that are LONG enough but not WIDE! (he is VERY picky!)

Any suggestions?

* I know you're jealous of our bathroom, the blue trim rocks our socks!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This might be the only thing cute about Utah! haha Just teasing!

 But I LOVE these images!!!! Mostly states a few countries!

My whole heart is in this state:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinks, Oranges, Teals, Black & White!!!

My mom came on Thursday night... I was still in shock that I AM HAVING A GIRL and so was she!!!
She brought a whole suitcase of baby things! This girl is already so spoiled!

We went to Costco and found some cute outfits... it was so hard to look at PINK! I am thrilled and beyond excited but not what I was expecting! We went out to Texas Roadhouse and saw some of our friends there, Paul & Jaime!
From Target and Sam's Club!
Friday, I had to work for the morning. It snowed so much the night before!  I woke Daniel up to clean off my car!  My mom came with me to work and googled ideas for hours.

We ran from place to place trying to find GIRL things!

We made a special shopping break to go to Lone Star!! (super yummy Mexican food place) You sort of feel like you are in Rocky Point in this joint.
Afterwards, we ran to several stores then watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1! Well, Daniel and my mom watched it! I slept. :D

Saturday, I could not decide on girl themes for the nursery. I was frustrated and running out of motivation until I went to HomeGoods.

Daniel isn't a fan of "words" so I need to add some other elements over the next few months. 

The colors are still Black & White with Teal, Orange, Hot Pink and Light Pink!

For dinner, we hit up Olive Garden... yum!  I ate at least 7 bread sticks!

Sunday, we rearranged the nursery/guest bedroom/Daniel's closet. :D

My mom made PORCUPINES!!! I have waited these for months! She learned how to make them in girl scouts ages ago.  Meatballs, rice, and tomato soup.  I was a very happy camper!

Monday, we ran more errands, made dinner, and put some more love into the nursery up until we had to take my mom to the airport.  I am really happy with how it has turned out so far!

March 5th!  was our 1st anniversary! It was fun to think back on our wedding day and all the family and friends that supported us!  We love all of you guys!  In the last year, so much has happened! We each graduated college. We traveled most of the summer. We moved to UTAH. We became landlords. We got new jobs. We created new traditions. We spent time with family. We survived morning sickness!  and so much more! Bring on year #2!