Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Holiday RoUnDs

Fisher Family Christmas Celebration:
Lance & Serra's House, Sunday, December 22!
 Olive fingers, brought back childhood memories!
Love this SMILE
 Taylor & Nick:
 Daniel & Jackson:
 Grub time!
Ashton must not have been hungry!

 Pile those Mashed Potatoes high, Dylan!
 Daddy's Little!
Grandma's Girls! Scarlet & Camry! (We missed Lilly!)
 Grandma & Camry Babes!

Hendrickson Christmas Eve!
Dad & Debbie's house, December 24th
Lilly & Landon
 Taylor with a huge smile! Happy Girl!
 Opening presents with Grandpa & Gammy
 Kyle: (never takes a "normal" picture!)
 Reese & Camry!

 Waiting for Santa!

 Santa's Disclaimer for the Hendrickson Family! No lawsuits!
  Landon loved Santa!
 Dylan is almost as big as Santa!

 Braden loved Santa too!

Christmas Eve!  Waiting for Santa with the Smiths!
 Camry has enjoyed looking at all the Christmas Trees in the past few weeks.
 Christmas Day!
Smith Parentals, December 25th

Stocking Thrills:
 Christmas Presents must include a toy!

Grandma & Camry


This is what happens when I'm talking with my hands.... Daniel snaps pictures & I realize making it a photo shoot!
Take 1:
Take 2:
Take 3:
More gifts!
Camry enjoys being read to, she loves the pictures!
Christmas Day
Wade & Julie's House to say Hi!

Christmas Day
Troy's House for Dinner

Camry didn't get very much attention on Christmas! ;)
Braden & Landon Best Buddies!
Grandpa Wally (he fell onto a brick wall and hit his face a week ago. He's still recovering.)
Tired babes & D

The best gift of 2012!

Camry couldn't get enough of her dad - then he started playing a whistle and she was staring him down.
Kyle & Landon
Family Time, Chit Chats are my fave!

We hope everyone had a JOLLY Christmas this year!