Friday, April 25, 2014

Garden Phase 1: Veggies & Fruit

On our way home from the airport, we stopped by Cook's Nursery, Camry pulled the wagon around while we loaded it up with plants.
(Picture coming)
It was a cold windy day, we started planting in the RAIN!
Camry didn't love it, then we realized she was hungry! After she ate she was much much more fun to have helping with the garden!
She enjoyed taking the plants out of the packages and putting them in the ground.

There are several planter boxes with celery, romaine, carrots, cilantro, tomatoes, spearmint & strawberries! 
Grow Plants Grow!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday! (Part 1)

Camry and I went to church and then we joined family to celebrate Easter at Kyle & Valerie's House.
 Fisher Family Ham:
Cutest Grandpa Wally!
Gpa and Landon:
Brown Eyed Little:
Gorgeous Valerie:
Way Cool Uncle Nick:
I think this was meal number 2---
Camry is so in love with "baby" Julieta!
Cam trying to teach Julieta to stick out her tongue.
Super sad when she can't hold the baby by herself...

Uncle Troy taking to Aunt Edith:
Handsome Braden:

Easter Egg Hunt!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hospital Easter Bunny!

Grandma Vicki picked us up and took us to the Labor & Delivery Easter Party! *We were a bit late after I ran after Camry locking us out of the Grandpa & Grandma Smith's house... I had no phone or shoes, and was carrying my toothbrush! My mom was there to help me call and we tried calling Sherry & Daniel no luck... until I finally woke Daniel up and then we learned how to get back in! :) Everywhere we went after that my mom proceeded to tell everyone I locked myself out.. haha real funny! ;)
Running to see the "baby" Baby Juliette was still at the hospital with her parents.  Lilly and Landon came with us too!
Decorating cookies:
Grandma - "GramMommy" thought Camry would be thrilled to see the Easter Bunny!
Cam was so scared - she scream should have cleared the patio!
After seeing the Easter Bunny Camry wanted nothing to do with the Easter Party...
Still scared- watching the Bunny's every move:
Camry has a great instant bond with Landon every time she visits!
She loves these two!
Lilly on the hunt...
Camry had Grandma Vicki take her back in to be with baby Julieta! She liked the baby much more than the Easter Bunny!
Sweet Julieta looked right over at Cam.
I seriously LOVE this aunt thing!

 Stroll through Wal-Mart, Camry invited her cousins for a swing ride and short drink stop at a table in the garden center!
 Lilly and Landon decided to come with me to the Smiths and take some pictures of each other:
Such a great visit! I love my family!