Sunday, September 25, 2011

couple more pics

Troy! Gma and Gpa's motorhome. :)

Flash back!

My sister in law asked for baby pictures to compare sweet Scarlet with her awesome aunt. haha, No really she wants to know which side of the family she looks the most like right now. I found these pictures of when I was a newborn. Tender. :D
Julie, I'll try and find some at 3-6 months later.

The boys decorated the outside of the house. Lil'
boys love PINK!
My brother Troy, he called me sweetpea and took care of me to help with getting attention of the ladies. :D
Troy again. Julie, these may look like Scarlet simply cause of the crying at times.
Grandpa Hawkins, probably Gma's leg. :D Miss them!
Hot diggity DAD!
My great Grandma Fisher! Adorable Kyle in the background.
Who does this look like!!! Kyle holding me, looks just like LANDON!
Awesome pic! Troy and Wade! Dylan looks just like his daddy in this picture! I see Braden in this picture of Troy too.
Troy and I. (Julie zoom in on my face here)