Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve: Gingerbread Kids

Sherry had all the grand kids make Gingerbread Men!
Camry wanted to eat the frosting before we could get candy on the poor thing.
We couldn't even get Camry to look up for the picture! :) 
Mila with the Gingerbread Kids!

We had a fun Christmas Eve Music Night with The Smiths!
Collin & Camry
 Grandma gave the kids Ornaments:
Asher loved watching the kids!

 Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve:
 Some of the Smith Cousins (Missing 3 families)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Traditional Dinner with The Hendricksons!

Troy, Edith & Her mom cooked some amazing Mexican food! Tacos and Tostadas!
I love Edith's little baby bump!!
The crew chowin' down!
Dylan gave it a double thumps up!
Landon and Camry enjoyed tackling the tree & gifts...
YAY for great cousins and wonderful family!
The Christmas celebrations continue!

2013 Christmas Sunday!

Merry Christmas! We hit up an early ward in Scottsdale... when 9 am church rolls into our neighborhood, we are going to struggle.

Smith Grill Team!

Camry was (again) in the action! She helped Daniel & Collin grill chicken... They are a pretty awesome team!
This is such a busy but entertaining age! We love this girl!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Cousins & Grandpas!

Landon and Lilly joined us in Scottsdale for a night.
We ate dinner at Wendy's, went swimming, watched TV, slept and woke up to play tennis with Grandpa Hendrickson & Grandpa Smith!
Camry was so excited she had to give Landon "nose kisses":
 It was more than he bargained for!
 Tennis Time:
 Camry was all about being in the middle of our courts...
 Tennis is a great family tradition!