Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 Style!

To start the festivities, we went to see Daniel at work! These Engineering Friends had great costumes:
The food spread:
As a family, we went Trick or Treating on Main Street with some neighbor friends.  We ran into these cute girls, a few of them live on our street and occasionally babysit Camry.
For dinner, we had some families over for a Taco Bar.  It was an awesome turn out and there was just enough food. These are the only pictures we got...
Grandpa Hendrickson bought this special costume for our little lady:

 Waiting for dinner:
Camry loves baby Charlie!
Ready to knock on some doors (one of Camry's favorite things)!
Finding more of our cool neighbors:
Love these teenagers! Shondalee in the orange is one of my sunday school kiddos.
The Girls, Trick or Treating with Krista & Charlie  (Daniel, Sawyer and Brody were with us too)
Going to visit the neighbors:
This was the only house she went to the right way... she's pretty use to visiting the Marcons!
Brody handed out treats, then we took him along.

Red nose lady & a witch!
Stroller stroll:

Sharing treats with Sawyer:

Trying to go home with the kids, She wanted to be in Charlie's seat.
Dragging the Ladybug all the way to the bath tub:

We loved our Halloween and look forward to it again next year!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little's Life

Camry's newest things: trying to open the front door, having others open the door for her, looking for friends outside, & walking to the park!

Helping Dad with Homework:

Breaktime for another hug!

& to throw the ball! (again)

Not sure how he gets much done. :)
Today, Camry ran towards the front door... She heard the kids outside. I opened the window for her to see. Brody who she calls "Ody" noticed her and started running around and throwing leaves for her to watch.  I'm not sure if he was more excited for the attention or if she was more thrilled to see him!
  After a few minutes, he came over to talk to her through the window. I quickly had him as to come over to play - this came is several minutes to catch up on this blog and listen to lots of belly laughter! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Camry's New Fad

This girl has her seasons mixed up! Her latest trick is taking her clothes off.

As you can tell -she's also learned to keep moving so I can't get clear phone pictures.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Run" Way Girl!

Sunday is always a great family day!
 Camry loves her Dad! (and of course any toothbrush is can get her hands on.)
 Recently, Camry has discovered joy in running down the sidewalk.  She is happiest when she makes it all the way to the park!
Super Cuteness Factor:
 The Fall leaves are falling!
 Crunch, Crunch!

 She really wanted Daniel but was beyond tired and needed a nap!
Loving these beautiful colors! I missed out on these in Arizona growing up!