Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sedona Christmas with 34 SMITHS!

I survived my first Christmas away from home!
Glad that I could spend it with these great people!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

Our Favorites!

Daniel says they all look like engagement photos!
These are the pictures Jaime took. (Super Woman!)

Some fun ones!

Thank You, Home Again for having awesome buildings!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goodbye November, Hello December!

December has a slow start in the Smith household. But it is slowly coming together!

Saw this attached to the TP snowman... might be what some of you are getting this year!
Brought the 6ft tree back from AZ, but didn't want to rearrange furinture in our front room. So I found this tree at Tai Pan. It is verrrrry small but really cute in person! I went with a gingerbread theme. The only place it fit was on the stairs inbetween some flights. :D

Here is the awesome garland my mommy made when she came to visit! We put it in the front window since we didn't ever put up Christmas lights.
The hutch... kind of a sad sight... needs my mothers TLC!

We took Christmas pictures yesterday! They turned out so fun! Our friend & my coworker, Jaime took them and they look super professional! Jaime, you are a ROCKSTAR! I will post a couple of them later this week!

Go Devils!

We went to the ASU football game after a LONG day of Black Friday Shopping! I'm exhausted, can you tell?

Fun little adventure with Nickerbocker! It felt so great to be HOME! I love me some Maroon and GOLD!!!

Gobble til you WOBBLE!

Daniel and I drove home Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We left UT around 3pm and drove all night! Those trips go by so much faster!!! I drive for 6 hrs then sleep while D drives. I guess he gets the short end of the stick.

I was so excited to get there by Wednesday so that I could pick Landon up from TOYBOX! He was so surprised to see me! His teachers asked if he knew I was coming, he told them he had a dream that I would pick him up. Silly kid. I spent always every waking minute with the little man.

Wednesday night, my mom was trying to teach Valerie and I how to make the ham... well you should already know that I don't listen especially when its a let me teach you so you can do this from now on... haha. Valerie and the kids did a great job! Val can make the ham next year!!!

After making the ham, we laughed and giggled... we being my mom, Lilly, Landon, Val and I. We were pretty slap happy. While sitting around the table playing Left, Right, Center (which I will come back to). My mom shouts out that BIG LOTS is open for a special group of people, her being one of those people. We rush through the house to get shoes and go... its about 9 or 10 at this point....
We bought very little... for your information I BOUGHT A DUST PAN for my house, awesome! However, these pictures were worth the random trip.

On Thanksgiving, we went out to Ryan and Mark's house in North Scottsdale/ Paradise Valley... far, I don't know where. It was wonderful to see some Hendrickson cousins and aunts and uncles. Everyone is getting so big... aka grown up maybe old...:) I am one of the youngest cousins in my generation and the next generation is taking OVER. Good thing they are all so stinkin' cute!
To top it off, it is always tender to see my pops with his siblings!

Afterward, we had our immediate family celebration at Kyle and Valerie's. Mom, Grandpa, and all the boys were there. Grandpa's Ham was divine as normal. Oh and I LOVED the breaded macaroni! (Thanks MOM!)

Sweet Baby Scarlet! The kids held her and she didn't even cry!

We took some spur of the moment pictures... Daniel was our photographer, he only made it to one picture! These candids turned out so FUN!

(My brother is better lookin' then your brother!) :D

We played hours of Left, Center, Right! Landon loved this game!!!