Sunday, November 11, 2012

Murder Mystery Dinner

Our friends Heidi & Paul hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner Date Night a few weeks ago! 
It was a blast! It was based in the 1940's.  Each person had a character and together we had to guess the murderer!

Never a dull moment! :) Daniel got so into his part!  He was a pilot & he even borrowed a flight jacket! (Thanks, Jaime & Paul W.) It was so funny! We loved hanging out with these awesome couples from our ward! Heather (with the white gloves) was the murderer!

Thanks for hosting, Heidi & Paul!

Another Harper & Camry shoot!

Twinner outfits! Harper came over in this and we changed to match!
 Harper 5 Months!
 Camry 4 months!

 Who wants to play in the SNOW?!
 Let's go play...

 Aren't you going to tell her to stop touching my headband?!

This 2 are hysterical!

Winter what?!

It feels like Christmas... without presents! :D
I told Daniel I would like... a Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Snow Family!

 Love this guy!
 I was fully entertained watching Daniel hard at work! Can you tell how helpful I was?!! Camry took a nap & I sassed around the yard.
 The MR.!
 Before I realized, some of the buttons were suppose to be EYES!
(Mom recognize this kit! You bought it last year and I REFUSED to touch it! )

 My "smile maker"!
 Snow Baby C!
 Snow Momma!
 Snow Daddy!

He did it! Daniel made the best SNOW family EVER! 

We are GRATEFUL for our family, family time in the snow,  an awesome photographer & friend, and of course heat! :)
Baby Harper & Lyndsey!

 Baby Harper SNOW ANGEL!

Thanks, Lyndsey & Baby Harper for taking pictures & playing with us!

CRunCh! Fall Leaves! CRunCH!

November 2, 2012
Glad we got these shots last week because now EVERYTHING IS COVERED in snow!

I (tried) to throw leaves! haha, She totally didn't care!
Bubbly Girl!

How do I get out here!?

Took her awhile then she started grabbing the leaves!
Happy November!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Camry's First Hair Pony!

Camry's First Hair Pony!
 I love her expressions! 
(check out these CHEEKS!)

Love this firecracker! Her hair is looking a little red, mostly dark brown. Not sure what color it will be!