Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lehi Round Up!

We thoroughly enjoyed Lehi Round Up this year!
As a family, we went to The Family BBQ! 
With my Dad, Camry and I went to The Stock Parade (hundreds of horses on Main St).
We met these cute neighbors at the Grand Parade:
My Dad, Debbie & I took Daniel to his FIRST rodeo!! It was a blast, the perfect date night! We will definitely go again next year!
We love our little town!

Cherishing Time with Daddy!

Daniel & Camry playing with birthday presents!
 Garden Trolley from Gammy & Grampapa.
 Diggin up worms!
 Please leave the plants alone...
Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Camry's Carnival!

Camry was a huge helper getting her Birthday Carnival ready this year! She helped pick out prizes and gather items for all the games!  She has played with rings and floating ducks for the past few weeks. :)  Grandma Vicki had the incredible idea to have a Carnival Party!  (not sure this is how she envisioned it!)
35 kids and 17 adults!!!!
12 Carnival Stations!!!
Concessions & Hot Dogs!!
This little family had a blast!  We love gathering with our friends and family!
Jaime, Baby Brett, & Ashley
Jessica & Claira
Ciara, Harper & Lyndsey
Bird's Eye View:
Scottie thought Gammy was pretty funny!
GramPAPA flew in for the special party - he took these games seriously! :)
I even took a throw at some of the games:

Fishing was a huge hit!
They loved the squirt guns!
This playset got more love in 2 hours than it does in 2 months!
Gorgeous Helpers: Gentry & Kalyee
Happy Neighbors:
Finnley, Krista & Rowen:
Camry was the queen of the table:
This Birthday Girl LOVES "blue" (pink) Popsicles!  This was her birthday treats!
Opening presents got Camry to light up:
Camry & Scarlett:
When we were cleaning up this "Clown" showed up to Juggle:
GramPAPA joined in:
Pictures of all The Booths Below:
Tin Can Crash
Lucky Duck Pond:
Ring Toss:
Hanging Hoops:
Photo Booth:
Hot Dad Dogs:
Spray Away:
Juggling Ball Match:
Circus Reading:
Beach Ball Bowling:
Tall Towers:
Kissing Booth:

Fish Out of Water: