Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby Scott's Blessing!

  After the blessing, Grandpa & Gammy with Scott!!!
 So fun to be with family!!

These SWEET babes are just a few days apart!
My Step Sister, Erin & her husband, Matt blessed their handsome babe yesterday! It was fun to be there to celebrate with them!

 Daniel came home from Colorado on Friday! It's so nice to be together again!

 This is how his daughter & wife feel about the new addition to his face:
 I documented so hopefully he will shave it today after he shows it off at SLC office. :D
Check out C's Shoes! First time wearing shoes! She kept trying to kick them off!

With Grandpa!

She is growing! Looking like her Daddy!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Travels came to an END!

Our traveling buddies! 

Camry & I jumped on the same flight my dad and Debbie were catching to SLC. They were very helpful! The plane had less than 40 people! Camry did AMAZING!
We sat across the aisle from each other...
 Camry giggled and smiled most the flight. She even slept for some of it!
 We were so excited to see Daniel! Being in Arizona was fabulous but we were ready to return!
I even got to have some fun with the ladies in my ward & Lyndsey!
We went to the Relief Society Meeting for General Conference. Living in Utah has its advantages. :)
(Daniel was a trooper & took care of Camry! I'm so grateful he's back!)
*We're kind of "peachy"!

I thoroughly enjoyed being with so many women of the relief society. The music was phenomenal & the talks were fantastic! 

President Eyring & Sister Stephens were my faves! Very touching!
"Keep the Faith" my friends!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lunch with the Greatest ASU fan - Great GPA!

 Comic relief- nice tongue sister!

 Lunch at Carsten's Golf Course! WeloveASU!


  Nick and Taylor
 Cute lil brotha!

Going to lunch with this babe requires all kinds of skills!
Thanks Mom, Nick, and Taylor for rockin, carryin, and holdin!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family DEAR

 I have the greatest fam! I wouldn't trade these nutty brothers for anything! Or my radical parentals!

Only girl with 4 incredible brothers!!!

 Amazing Madre:

Awesome Padre:

 Valerie said, "jump!"
 Scarlet loved teasing Oakley through the glass door.
 Bouncer helper- Uncle Nick

 Tender -
 take a picture of me...

 D.W.H.  - Oldest Cousin with the youngest!
 Dylan is a natural!
 ...ok that's good.
 The Elseys - D'Anna, Carley, Valerie, Ryan with Camry
 Carley is 5 months and Camry is almost 3! Someday they will roam around together!

 Camry falling...
 Muscle ladies...

 Ashton to Uncle Kyle - Put whip cream on my hand...
Grandma Vicki makes everyone happy!
 Scarlet & babes
 Good bye squeezes from Uncle Troy
 Our lovely Dinner HOSTS! Thanks Kyle and Valerie!
I LOVE MY FAMILY! I am going to miss these silly moments when I am back in Utah.