Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are Awesome!

This morning, I took Daniel to the airport. I told him I wanted to take a picture before he left. Haha, never a dull moment in this Smith House.

Automatic timer...
Take 1 & 2

Take 3 & 4... YIKES! The rusted garden tool is in the perfect position.

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Memorial Day!  We had a fun "summery" day!  Went to a ward breakfast, did some grocery shopping, and saw What to Expect When Expecting! Hilarious!!!

Ended the night with the Bachelorette! Always comical!


* Daniel looks super manly with my hawaiian luggage! haha might need to invest in some new bags!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Field Day!

The first field day, I couldn't participate in!  So, I snagged the Mr. before he goes back to LA again next week.

It was a rainy, windy, chilly morning but the kids had a blast! Tug-o-war was a big deal!

 The girls vs. boys was my favorite! The girls probably could have won on their own.  Mr. Smith and our great volunteer, Mr. Eastham helped them out!

They also had a blow up obstacle course, blow up slide, and a bounce house! Those were the most appreciated by my kiddos.


Randoms from last week:
32 weeks!

Went to the doctor on Tuesday!  Only up 1 pound! I was so happy to hear that after my previous appointment of being up 7 pounds!  Everything is going well! She is growing and moving all over the place!

(Daniel and I went to a birthing class, yesterday!  It was so long and not really worth our time... I will have to make up for making D go! They took us on a hospital tour... made me nervous! I wish the hospital was nicer. I miss my comfort zone with Banner Desert and Gateway!  Jealous of all of you who get to deliver in the nice rooms! Kinda ghetto here!)

 Little Student Mario thinks he should be the teacher!  This kid keeps me on my toes!

Count down is on for our trip to AZ!!! 10 Days!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Solar Bolar Polar!

So GLAD to have the Mr. back! He was gone for 2 weeks! I felt like a baby but the first week kicked my trash. I had no motivation to do anything! Now, that he is home, I feel motivated to cook and clean... amazing!

Saturday, we crammed as much as we could in our day! I took Daniel to Babysteals.com. We went to Marshalls - homeboy got some new work clothes. Lucky for Daniel, Carharrt was right there... he got some pants. After playing pool for a few minutes. It was a total MAN CAVE!

Next stop, Red Robin! YUM!

For kicks and giggles, we went and looked at houses in Saratoga Springs. Wishful thinking but it was super fun! The houses are nice and the area is so clean! Daniel's work is moving that direction sometime this year.

 Sunday, went like this...


Solar Eclipse! Daniel was so excited! At church, he wanted to borrow someones welding hat. haha, then he remember our sunglass stash! Designer knock offs probably weren't the safest!

I love this guy!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My parenting style!

Found this on Pinterest this morning! This might be my parenting MOTTO!

Last weekend, Debbie bought these for Baby C!
Its a super cute melon and white dress... colors are bad from my phone.
These socks CRACKED ME UP!  I couldn't decide if they were cute, ridiculous or just humorous! She now has 4 pairs of "flip flops"!

This weekend, I am sure I will find some more things to purchase!

D in LA Week 1

The first night, I talked to Daniel...

He said, "Waterboy is dead on!"

After a day of cultural shock, he is now enjoying his time in the swamps.
 Restaurant they ate at.
 "Swamp behind the restaurant" - If I saw this before, I ate... I would pass on dinner... GREEN smoothie!
 Fish Daniel caught - He sent me a message saying he was fishing... must be nice to get paid to fish!
 "Shrimp Gumbo Snappa cooked up. 5 cubes of butter" ... heart stopper!
 "Snappa cookin da fish"

Today, they were rained out... his big trip was to Sulfur to go to Walmart!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Dad and Debbie came to SLC!

It was so great to have visitors!

Friday, we went to City Creek Mall!  The weather was gorgeous! That night they went to Brooke's play while Daniel and I celebrated Ben T's Graduation!

 Summerwood Crew... thugs.
 Kari & Ben are having a baby girl the same week as us!

Saturday, Debbie and I went shopping while the boys played tennis!!
Then we all did house projects... girls - sewing and measuring and such.
boys - yardwork! 
 We went to dinner at Cafe Rio and relaxed!
Winco has had strawberries for so cheap! I think we ate over 6 lbs this week alone! We dipped them in all kinds of chocolate!   Check out my belly next the small plate.
Sunday, was adventurous!  We went to the Spoken Word at Temple Square.  The MoTab rocked the tabernacle!  {Daniel stayed home to catch on sleep before he took off to Louisiana.}
We took advantage of modern technology, snapping pictures everywhere! I love this! Pops, Daughter, and "Grand Daughter!"

The flowers were GORGEOUS! 

We went to church, dropped Daniel off at the airport, had dinner, stopped by Erin's and called it a night!! {While at Erin's, Brooke made yummy crepes!}

This morning before work, I dropped my Dad off. I so badly wanted to jump on the flight to come to AZ!  I need to make a rule - dropping 2 people off at the airport in 24hrs is no fun! Someone needs to always replace the person leaving!

Thanks for a fun weekend, Daniel, Pops, and Deb!