Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Phoenix Children's Museum with Cousins!

We loved visiting The Phoenix Children Museum with some of the Smith family!
Playing by the twins:
 Cooking Brick Oven Pizzas with Aunt Hailey!
 Playing with Annabelle!
 Lots of house play!
 Putting the babies to sleep:
 Music fun:
Giggling with Asher!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You Are Our Greatest Adventure!

While I was in Arizona, my dear friend Katie hosted an amazing shower for me and baby boy!  I am seriously so blessed to have such wonderful & supportive friends and family!  She of course went all out!!!
Loved catching up with these gorgeous girls!!!

 Baby Julietta:
 Camry thoroughly enjoyed opening presents:
 Camry thought she needed to give everyone back their cards:
Melanie, Mila, Hailey & Kate:
Oh my, I seriously had a blast!  
Thank you, Katie!!!

Lunch with Great-Grandpa & Papa Mommy!

My mom, Daniel, Camry & I met Grandpa Wally at Macayo's Depot Cantina for Mexican Food.  It was straight up heaven sent! I have been craving GOOD mexican food!  The manager is a long time friend of Grandpa's, he sat and talked to us for most our meal and gave us the greatest churro - I think I have EVER had!
 Grandpa Wally & Camry! 
It's always a special treat to go to lunch with Grandpa!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fisher Family Christmas Lunch!

Sweet Grandpa fell yesterday and hit his head - We told Camry he was wearing make- up.
It was fun to sit and visit with him about family history for hours! 
Our little family & Grandpa:
 Dylan & Grandpa:
 Grandpa and some of his Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren!
*In honor of Kyle, I couldn't take a serious picture.*
 Mom, Grandpa & Lance:

 First Cousins - Marge & Wally:
 Sweet girls - more first cousins - Camry & Julieta:
We enjoyed being able to visit with our Fisher family!