Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or TREAT with the Andersons!

Tonight, we hit up a Trunk or Treat with Ryan, Emily, & Carter!

(Daniel got off work late, it was short lived. But we got to hang out!)

  Carter was the Coolest Lion!

Last minute costumes... Superman's Family! 
 Super Girls!
 Superman's Little Princess!

Monday, October 29, 2012

4 Month Check Up!

This girl is growing like a weed!
*A very pretty weed!*

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our "Little" Halloween Girl!

Getting ready for the Halloween Week!
 This face is precious--- Full on wink!
Typical Camry - Calm to Screaming in a seconds! 
We Love our "Little"!

Just Dance! Yo, Yo, Yo!

We had some TRICKS & TREATS last night!

Lyndsey, Skyler, & Harper came over with several treats! Delicious hot wings, Amazing artichoke spinach dip & Brewing apple cider!  We ate our HEARTS OUT! Then rolled to the front room for some "jazzy" Dancing Tricks!!  We have had a dance party with the Nelson's before but this was a top notch just dance reunion!

The Warm Up:
 It got REAL when the couch was moved into the nursery!
Shake IT!! The Nelson's:
Mr. Good lookin' aka Mr. SERIOUS Dancer had to change his clothes to get ready! ow ow! 
 Brittney Spears Action:
 I don't know that I was on the right move...EVER... I just kept trying to bug Mr. Dancing Machine D.
As you can tell, we "let out hair down" & had a blast! The whole house was shakin'!
**** Just proof that Camry was present, until she went to bed. Harper was here to but went to bed before the cameras were out!

Good Distractions!

While I was putting final thought into my Young Women's lesson for church today, I found a few things:

My lesson is on the ability to succeed and this was a recommended video - I love it! Be True!

I found this on Pinterest!!! So in LOVE!!  The Whole Alphabet Banner!!!

  I made these this morning with scrapbook paper:
BE TRUE is for my lesson today! 
& GIVE THANKS is going to go up in a few days with some twine and clothes pins. 
WOW, its almost November!!!

  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

SUPER Braden!

Braden is one of my favorite kids!!!
I just happen to be his VERY PROUD aunt!
This week, he received this:
I am so thrilled for him!
He is the the cutest SPYRO, I have ever seen!
I Love You, Braden! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Camry's First Snow!!!
 Glad she likes it! Makes me cringe!!
(Turn down the volume... I'm loud :) & Sorry its sideways!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

White Space! with Suzette!

Last night, I went to a seminar where Daniel's fabulous cousin, Suzette presented organization tips!
Our house needs to be organized so bad! Now to find the motivation!!!

Suzette has created a neat business called White Space Organizing! Check it out! www.whitespaceorganizing.com
Attached to her site is also a terrific blog with more tips! White Space Blog

Tonight, I jotted some notes... Hoping they help me & they may help you!
So simple but so SMART!

Suzette's organization strategy is as follows:
1 - Envision (make goals, create a vision!)
2 - Make time (Set aside a couple hours at a time.)
3 - Purge (few hours at a time, get rid of stuff you don't need.)
4 - Review the flow (Order is important.)
5 - Shop (for containers etc.)
6 - Do it (attack, follow through with your plan.)
7 - Maintain (daily, weekly, etc.)

Duh! I need to follow these steps!!!
I super need to purge!!  Due to the emotions this brings as well as being overwhelmed, she suggested just doing this a few hours at a time.
Here are some other tidbits I jotted down:
  • purge clothes every year. (I need to do this stat! I just opened my winter jackets... I don't like half of them!)
  • use certain closets for certain things "like things go together" (Wish I had real closets, haha.)
  • At the store, ask yourself:  Can I afford it? Where am I going to put it? 
  • Get rid of something & replace... continue to purge! Things should go out in equal measure! (SO true! Why don't I do this!)
  • Someone shared you don't have to get things because you like it or if someone else likes it... let them buy it and you can admire from a distance.
  • Don't buy new hangers!!! Get rid of something instead! 
See totally simple & smart, now I need to apply some of these! Yikes, it will be a slow process here. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


As some of you already know... Daniel decided to grow out some facial hair while working out of town.  The deal was he could have it while working in CO.  Man, oh man, it stuck around over a month!!!

Here is a flash back!


 wow. wow. wow!!!

Happy, Thrilled, Ecstatic to annouce its off!!! Clean shaven at last!

He looks more like this now:
I LOVE this guy and his sense of humor!

Fancy Grandma!

This trip our goal was to have Fancy Grandma make some necklaces!

We did it...
She made me one this morning while I got ready!  She made several for Camry too!
 Modeling for Aunt Mary! :)

 Creative... Funny headband but it matches!
 Wish we lived closer to Grandma Vicki!
 She is one talented and stylish Grandma!
Hope she comes back soon!
She wanted proof that she soaked in some "Fall"!
Arizona friends, hope you are soakin' up the rays!  It's COLD here!

Here are some of the other necklaces Fancy Grandma made today:
I'm in love with all of them!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Daddy is under my SPELL!

Daddy is under my spell! (Mommy to for that matter!) 

One of my sweet Panthers gave us this outfit while we were at Pride Day in September!
Thanks, Jacob! :)

 Her headband doubled as a MASK! 

She wouldn't smile by the time Daniel got home. Here's the hard working Mr. & the Little!
Halloween's coming!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

i love US!

My new FAVORITE saying 

"i love US!"

It's always fun to have someone take our pictures! (Thanks, Mom!) Not that I love being in pictures but I love when the three of us are in them together!

 True story... this is often our look!
 I adore this baby girl! So grateful to be with her all the time!